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2011 presentations by Dr. Jack Driscoll a.k.a @pidguy

2011 presentations by Dr. Jack Driscoll a.k.a @pidguy

Fault Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network Abstract Number: 180 - 19P

2011 Presentations by Jennifer L. Maclachlan a.k.a @pidgirl

2011 Presentations  by Jennifer L. Maclachlan a.k.a @pidgirl


Analysis of Photochemical Smog Components in Air with a Portable Analyzer 

Leveraging Social Media to Educate the Public About Sustainability Practices

The Role of Analytical Chemists in an Age of High End Instrumentation and Robotization


Selective GC Detectors and their Role in Environmental Analysis 

I was an invited speaker at the Sparkle PR Training and presented: Twitter for the Local Section Public Relations Chair presentation at the American Chemical Society Sparkle Training May 1, 2011.


#AIHCE Social Media Meetup Organized by @pidgirl Read more about it here.


#ACSDenver Tweetup Organized by @pidgirl

I was an invited speaker at
#SERMACS2011. I presented the following in the Social Media in Science Symposium:

My Twitter Tool-Box: how I utilize Twitter for my small chemical business

The Value of a Facebook Business Page

#SERMACS2011 SCI-MIX presentation: Rapid separations on a portable GC with resistively heated columns
2011 was an amazing year and I really enjoyed celebrating the International Year of Chemistry via the Cape Cod Science Cafe Q1-Q4 as well as other numerous outreach activities including National Meeting events like "chemists can dance" video and the Global Water Experiment-{whose deadline by the way has been extended until the end of March 2012-there is still time to participate in the world's largest chemistry experiment} !

I was fortunate to work with several other GC/GC Column/Accessory manufacturers this year on technical presentations and to meet many really excellent folks through the use of social media as well as meeting them in person at the social media meetup/tweetups and at SCI-MIX and other networking social events. Thanks for reading and I wish you Happy New Year! 

Stay tuned for my January 1, 2012 blog post: A glance ahead to @pidgirl's 2012 presentations.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

@pidgirl's #IYC2011 month by month best in blog & media coverage

@pidgirl's #IYC2011 month by month best in blog and media coverage 

Blog post: #ACSBoston IYC Preparation and Inspiration

January 2011-Media Coverage  News of the Week Kick-off of #IYC2011 including science cafe's on Cape Cod and my blog post Cape Cod Science Cafe

February 2011-Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS) Local Section Monthly Meeting where I got to meet Nancy Jackson, 2011 President of the American Chemical Society.

Her dinner talk on technology was inspiring and the spirit of her speech was certainly echoed by Jack at all of the #IYC2011 Cape Cod Science Cafes during his introductions of the mission of IYC and the vision of the sustainability of the chemical enterprise.

Not an Official IYC event but we sure discussed #IYC2011 at our February National Committee Meeting: Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC)-first visit to the American Chemical Society Headquarters in DC (pictured below).

#pittcon Booth Duty: What kind of analyzers are those? Click to read all about it.

March 2011-#pittcon Leveraging Social Media

 Dancing Chemists at #ACSAnaheim (yes, I'm in the video: back row, long red skirt)

April 2011-Cape Cod Science Cafe

 I was an invited  speaker at Sparkle Training of the Local Section PR Chairs, ACS HQ, Washington, D.C.

May 2011-The Chemistry of Industrial Hygiene Reception
This was a particularly neat event: bringing together the fields of chemistry and industrial hygiene (like we do at PID Analyzers) by organizing an #IYC2011 event sponsored by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition. I contacted governance from the local section: Portland American Chemical Society. Read more about it.
Hewitt, Brabham-Chair Portland LS, Maclachlan, Driscoll, Terrell-Chair-Elect Portland LS

June 2011-Hanover Day 

NESACS  reserved a table as a civic organization in order to introduce the denizens of the South Shore to the International Year of Chemistry.

July 2011-Told all my friends to watch "chemistry" Jeopardy!

Blogged about the IUPAC Congress Meeting

August 2011-Greater Boston Mass Spec Discussion Group Family Picnic
George totally hooked us up with the tye-dye lab coats
Chemistry Ambassadors at the family picnic. Attendees with kids were amazed and delighted that we provide hands on chemistry experiments for the kids. As if the bouncy house wasn't awesome enough...then add in some cool science, and yes, we had LN2!! Read more.

Here's what the press had to say about it.

I talked this symposium up on Twitter creating this Twitter event that earned lots o' re-tweets:
  Communicating Chemistry to the Public symposium
For sure we could have used a much bigger room for this event. The house was packed and there were constantly folks standing along the walls. Important also to note that this was a continuos session without a break and extremely well attended.
More info including speaker line-up etc about this awesome symposium here.

September 2011 CEN Blog: Twitter Takes Hold at #ACSDenver,

Here's my Facebook status after I spotted the Twitter Takes Hold at #ACSDenver:

I have arrived: I've been blogged about in Chemical & Engineering News!!
The Twitterati were out in full force at this year’s ACS fall national meeting it seems. So much so that yesterday, ACS Web specialist Chris McCarthy (@CMcC_ACS) tweeted: I did a little analysis. #ACSDenver was tweeted >3x as much as the hashtags for Anaheim and Boston were and the meeting isn’t eve...

 ·  ·  · September 2 at 7:09pm

    • George Ruger The story is great. However, the total number of participants were over 20. And what an awesome photographer!!
      September 3 at 12:37am ·  ·  1

    • Jennifer Maclachlan ‎@George did you get any pics of Tweetup group 2 or was that when you were chasing the news team across the street? Can you send me your pics? From all of Denver?
      September 9 at 9:15pm · 

My #ACSDenver Tweetup blog post

October 2011-CAPE COD TIMES COLUMN on my Cape Cod Science Cafe, NESACS celebrates National Chemistry Week

I was an invited speaker at #SERMACS2011. I presented two separate presentations in the Social Media in Science Symposium. Here is the full speaker and topic line-up. 
#SERMACS2011 Social Media in Science Symposium presenters meet and greet luncheon. L to R: Kevin Majors, Ken Podraza, Thomas Devore, Laura Provan,Jennifer Maclachlan, A. Martin, F. Luna-Vera, Ashton T. Griffin, Barbara Reisner and Nathalie Herring
 — with  at The Tobacco Company Restaurant.
November 2011-I spent November planning for the IYC Q4 Cape Cod Science Cafe, getting presentations accepted for #ACSSanDiego and promoting the upcoming #pittcon Conferee Networking Discussion Sessions.

December 2011-CAPE COD TIMES COLUMN about Cape Cod Science Cafe celebrates Healthy Kids and Jack and I. 

SANDWICH ENTERPRISE Feature Story: Making Science Palatable for Kids

2011 was an amazing year to celebrate the achievements of chemistry via chemistry outreach and increasing the public perception of chemistry. Where do we go from here? We continue  the celebration of chemistry into 2012! 

Wielding social media for effective science communication