Saturday, April 24, 2010

OHS Virtual Event

Our first virtual tradeshow exceeded expectations. The virtual show effectively mimicked an actual tradeshow and the feeling of being at a tradeshow. Participants gathered in the Lounge and chatted about how the show was going and exchanging pleasantries (just like at a mixer on the show floor). OHS set up a live Twitterfeed using the #OHSvirtualevent hashtag so folks could follow along on Twitter. It took Jack and I awhile to get our sales technique down as we were not well versed in virtual booth ettiquette. Initiating a "chat" with a "booth visitor" would either scare them off (they would leave the booth) or they would "decline" our chat request (so discouraging); we thought we should say "hello" (like you would in real life; eye contact then obligatory head nod or "good morning" or "how are you?" or "can I help with anything?"). From my limited virtual tradeshow experience I would recommend the following to virtual booth staff: remain calm (there's someone in our booth, don't panic), relaxed (by allowing the booth visitor time to peruse the technical papers/literature and etc available in the booth-of course we posted the maximum allowable) and alert (to the live Q&A screen at the booth because when they have a question, they will ask it). And they are expecting an immediate response. You are, after all on booth duty.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The PID Mini and Maxi Series Sneak Peek at OHS Virtual Event

Come to the OHS Virtual Event this Wednesday April 7, 2010, for a Sneak Peek at the NEW Mini/Maxi Analyzer Series that PID Analyzers will officially introduce at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition in Denver, CO May 22-27, 2010 Booth# 536.

The 102 Mini PID Features: 1 second response time, ppm readings from 0.1 to 3,000 and extreme affordability.

The 102+ Maxi PID Features: 1 second response time, ppm readings from 1-100,000 or 0.1-3,000 and choice of ppb option, datalogging, library of response factors, headspace method, includes selective VOC detection and a choice of up to 3 additional sensors : IR, Thermal Conductivity Detector, Combustible Gas Sensor and/or choose from 30 specific electrochemical sensors. This 5-Channel Analyzer is the most versatile and highly customized instrument available.

Our First Virtual Tradeshow, the FREE OHS Event

Register today to attend one of the most comprehensive health and safety events of the season that PID Analyzers is sponsoring this Wednesday, April 7, 2010. Don't miss this opportunity to experience this FREE virtual expo and learn from the leaders in the health and safety industry about the key trends and technologies that will help you save money, improve efficiency and ensure compliance in the new decade.

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