Saturday, March 31, 2012

#ACSSanDiego photos & links

San Diego Convention Center 

SD Gaslamp District ACS Welcome March 25-29, 2012

San Diegan Panelists: Health Care Reform Sunday morning at ACS San Diego SCHB

Sunday Evening at #ACSSanDiego: Analytical Division of the ACS General Poster Session

Fast Separations for detection and identification of VOC's by GC/PID/FID

Communicating Chemistry to the Public Presidential Symposium 
Monday evening: SCI-MIX with the Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB) Division of the ACS.

Embracing the new media and The Future of the Chemical Enterprise 

L to R: Kate Anderson, Beyond Benign, George Ruger, Mid-Hudson Section ACS and Jennifer Maclachlan, SCHB
Tuesday morning at ACS San Diego: NERM 2012 Small Chemical Businesses Green Chemistry Symposium brainstorming session over crepes at Fabrisons!

Spontaneous Tweetup lunch at ACS San Diego: L to R @tmvogel, @comprendia, @fianrios, @gruger04 and @pidgirl

At the SCHB booth: L to R Joel Sabol, Jonathan Goodman and Sid White

Site for the ACS San Diego Tweetup

@gruger04 unveiling his *Chemistry-Free-Chemistry* poster to @carmendrahl

#ACSSanDiego Tweetup at Dussini Loft Bar, Fifth Avenue Gaslamp District San Diego

"Tuesday in San Diego was full of sunshine and valuable information at the ACS National meeting" from the Chemical Entrepreneurship Council Daily Highlights read more...

#ACSSanDiego Tweetup Roll Call:         @ACSUndergrad @YWCresearch 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday at #ACSSanDiego

Sunday at ACS San Diego:

8:45-9:45 am SCHB coffee and networking SDCC RM 26B

10am-12pm Patient protection and health care reform and impact on chemists and the chemical community @pidgirl is the session *greeter*

1:30 - 4:30 PM “Chemistry Education: The Case for Business Skills” (PROF, cosponsor CEPA & SCHB) Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel, Marina Ballroom F.

4pm-6pm SCHB Executive Committee Meeting SDCC RM 26B-open meeting

6:00 - 8:30 PM Exposition Opening, SDCC Hall A, SCHB Booth #1237

7pm-9pm Analytical Division General Posters SDCC Hall D #105 Fast separations for detection and identifications of VOCs by GC/PID/FID 

Monday at ACS San Diego:

9:00am-12pm COMSCI Business Competition Marriott Marquis *Marina Ballroom E*

8:30am-11:20am-True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs

1:30 - 4:15 PM “Exponential Technologies: Disruptive Influences and Rapid Advancements in Chemistry”

1pm-5pm-Communicating Chemistry to the Public ACS President Bassam Shakhashiri's Symposium SDCC Upper Level Room 4

5pm-7pm SCHB social at Cafe Sevilla 353 5th Ave.

8pm-10pm-SDCC Hall D, SCHB at SCIMIX poster #11 Embracing the new media...

Tuesday at ACS San Diego:

8:15 - 11:30 AM “The Emerging Biofuels Industry” MORNING SESSION (cosponsor CEPA & COMSCI). SDCC RM 26B

1:15 - 3:00 PM “Best Practices for Entrepreneurs” (cosponsor BMGT, CEPA, COMSCI, & PROF).  SDCC RM 26B

3:15 - 5:00 PM “Making a Science Fellowship Part of Your Career Path” (cosponsor BMGT,CCPA, CEPA, PROF, & YCC).  SDCC RM 26B

Evening Tweetup Time and Place TBD follow the hashtag on Twitter for up-to-date info: #ACSSanDiego

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snapshots from #Pittcon 2012

@pidguy & @pidgirl facilitating: How can the modern analytical chemist overcome the barriers of new method introduction? More info about this session here.
Excellent turnout for this session-special thanks to our ASTM-knowledgeable  friends @gruger04 and @wlipps!
Tweetup at Bahama Breezers Photo by G. Ruger

My parents at the Sunday evening posters

Tweetup at Bahama Breezer's Photo by G. Ruger

Tweetup at Bahama Breezer's Photo by G. Ruger

Our good friend, Vince Giangarlo of Giangarlo Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA and @pidguy Sunday posters

Tweetup at Bahama Breezers Photo by G. Ruger

@gruger04 and @pidgirl facilitating: How can we sustain our chemistry outreach beyond the International Year of Chemistry?

And we brought the Chemistry Ambassador sashes to the @ichromatography booth after the networking session for a photo opp-Note, cameras/recording etc. were strictly prohibited in the conferee networking session. 

And we took a picture outside the room of ACS Local Section folks who were at the networking session: L to R: Facilitators from Northeastern Section & Mid-Hudson Section, International Activities at ACS HQ in DC and Mojave Desert Section.

Utilizing social media to continue the mission of the #IYC2011 beyond 2012

Photo courtesy K. Grant
Our joint poster with Shimadzu Scientific

The conference was in Orlando which holds many distractions for those of us who bring their family along...I might have been in the company of  some *pirates* during the evening Tweeup at Bahama Breezers.

Below Left to Right:
Expo floor Twitter Cafe and where I sent my Tweets from on Wednesday  and Thursday

L to R:
Smee, @pidgirl & Captain Hook

Wielding social media for effective science communication