Thursday, November 12, 2020

Lunch Plenary & Panel at RMRM2020: Women in Academia, Industry & National Labs share their Secrets of Success

Friday November 13, 2020 Lunch Plenary & Panel at RMRM2020 virtual conference: 

Panel co-sponsored by the Women Chemists Committee and Iota Sigma Pi. The panel is made up of women in academia, industry, and national labs to bring different perspectives regarding their
 "Secrets to Success".  

RMRM2020 WCC/ISP Secrets to Success Panel

Panelists will be introduced with a brief bio.
               Bernie: Nancy Levinger, Gunda Georg, and Sandra Eaton
                Maggi: Jaqueline Kiplinger, Jennifer Maclachlan, and Helen Gerhard

This event takes place during the Lunch Plenary Session on Friday, November 13, from 12-2:30pm (MST) in the Pike's Peak Room. Learn more about this conference here:

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