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Air Monitoring Poster Session Wednesday at #ACSINDY

Air Monitoring Poster Session #ACSIndy

Sponsored by PID Analyzers, LLC 

Cosponsored by AGROANYL, and CHAS 

J. Maclachlan, Organizer and Presiding

Poster Session 

Indiana Convention Center Halls F and G

Wednesday September 11, 2013 


Pictured J. Maclachlan at #ACSPHILLY presenting
at the

247. Chemical Exposure Monitor with Indoor Positioning (CEMWIP)K. K. Brown,1 K. R. Mead1, P. B. Shaw1, R. J. Kovein1, R. T. Voorhees2, A. R. Brandes3.(1) Division of Applied Research and Technology, Chemical Exposure Monitoring Branch, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Cincinnati, OH 45226, United States, (2) Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221, United States, (3) MeasureNet Technology, Ltd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45226, United States

248. Nanostructure characterization of flat flame soot derived from petroleum-based, synthetic, and surrogate jet fuels.C. Huang, R. L. Vander Wal, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania 

249. Indoor and outdoor airborne PCBs in residential areas of East Chicago, IN and Columbus Junction, IA. T. Schulz, D. Hu, P. Thorne, J. DeWall, K. Hornbuckle 

250. Atmospheric polychlorinated biphenyl congeners and synthetic musk fragrances in Chicago and Lake Michigan. Z. L. Rodenburg, D. Hu, Y. Ma, M. Venier, R. A. Hites, K. C. Hornbuckle

251. Improved quantitation of sulfur compounds in the atmosphere by hyphenated GC-FPD-PID. J. N. Driscoll, J. L. Maclachlan

252. Particulate PCBs and OH-PCBs in Chicago air. A. Awad, A. Martinez, R. Marek, W. Koh, K. Hornbuckle

Registration link is here to attend the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Indianapolis, IN #ACSINDY September 8-12, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Benefits of a Division of Small Chemical Businesses membership

Presentated at #ACSINDY 
SCHB Poster Session - AM Session
Location: Indiana Convention Center Room:143
Monday September 9, 2013 8:30am-9:30am and later that evening at SCIMIX 8pm-10pm Halls F and G
Title: Benefits of a Division of Small Chemical Businesses membership
L to R: Mukund Chorghade, Jennifer Maclachlan, Joe Sabol and George Ruger at #ACSPhilly
Abstract Body: The ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses Division (SCHB) has provided valuable member benefits and informative programming, featuring small businesses and with resources for small businesses, at ACS national and regional meetings, since 1977. SCHB member benefits include free membership for the first year, listing in the SCHB website members' directory of products and services, deeply discounted ACS national meeting expo booth space the Small Chemical Business Row, scholarship to the ACS Leadership Courses, the opportunity to shape and direct SCHB, and, the best of all: amazing networking opportunities in-person at ACS meetings and via SCHB's social media platforms (ACS Network, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.) Patron [corporate] membership is also available.

Monday, July 15, 2013

STEM Women in Innovation and Investing at #ACSINDY

STEM Women in Innovation and Investing

Featured symposium at the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society: STEM Women in Innovation and Investing. This half day session located at the JW Marriott in Ballroom 7 is timed between the Women Chemists Committee luncheon and the Women Chemists Committee WCC Just Cocktails reception. This program is on the SCHB grid and is co-sponsored by BMGT, WCC and PROF. These are high-powered women speakers. Make sure to stick around for some equally high-powered networking at the end of the symposium as it transitions to cocktail hour.

L to R: Janet Bryant, Judy Giordan, Kathyrn Uhrich, Nicola Pohl, Suzette Dutch, Linda O'Keefe and Mary Phillips. Photo by J.L.Maclachlan
NEW! Here are my live tweets from this symposium:
  1. STEM Women in innovation & investing today at 2pm JW Marriott.
  2. My in Innovation & Investing is at the JW Marriott at 2:30 with Janet Bryant &
  1. Janet Bryant is giving her opening remarks at JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 7
  2. is kicking off now at at the JW Marriott. Come join us. Sucessful .
    1. : Stand up and be counted as an innovator. Learn the vocabulary: the business of science.

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    1. : make the difference. JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 7 now.

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    1. The enthusiastic is now really getting things going with some audience polling
    1. Ulrich: Advice for : Ask for help. Be bold. Be intrepid. Be inspired.

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    1. Ulrich: Think carefully about the role you want to play in

    1. Ulrich is speaking about transitioning academic invention to innovation now JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 7

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    1. Ulrich: Innovation an invention that has been implemented.
  1. Pohl: It's important that you want to invest in your company, otherwise others may not want to invest in it.
  2. Pohl: If you have the skills for being a scientist, you have the skills to be an .
  3. Pohl: Licensing the technology vs starting a business. These are very different things.
    1. Pohl: Challenges of starting AND growing a company

  1. Phillips: Challenges & opportunities in tech transfer: How are faring?
  2. O'Keefe: The right bring not only the money, but experience, judgement and relationships
  3. O'Keefe: Knowing your commercial opportunity: WHO is needed for the plan to ?
  4. Dutch: performance of firms improves as the ratio of investment in women led businesses increases
    1. Dutch: Speaking about the dimensions of social capital: structural, relational, cognitive.
  1. Phillips: The language of speaking in commercial terms: Once you have the vocabulary then comes the meaningful questions.
  2. Phillips: Who cares? Determining this helps select the partner(s) to take you from to .
    1. Phillips: Presenting at an ACS meeting changed my life.
Jennifer Maclachlan ‏@pidgirl10 Sep
Now that each of the participants has completed their talks, the panel discussion is beginning at led by
Mid-career hope you can join the networking after JW ballroom 7
This is the program information which includes additional information about each of the speakers.

Stay tuned to read more about this outstanding group of STEM Women in Innovation and Investing #STEM_WII in the Women Chemists Committee #WCC Spring 2014 Newsletter.

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