Thursday, November 17, 2016

Science Communication Panel at #f16mrs

Science Communication Panel at #f16mrs

How to Use Social Media for Connecting with Colleagues and the Press

Sunday, November 27
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sheraton, 5th Floor, The Fens

This panel will discuss how materials researchers can leverage social 

media as a networking tool as well as a way to promote their work 

through the press and to the public. 

Each panelist will present for twenty minutes and a one hour facilitated 

discussion will follow.


Christopher IncarvitoChristopher D. Incarvito
Yale University

Christopher D. Incarvito has served as Director of Research Operations and Technology at Yale University's West Campus since 2011. In this role he leads development of research, faculty recruitment, campus expansion, sustainability, and has oversight for communications. He is responsible for the quality and creation of new research programming and facilities through collaborative work with faculty, directors, deans, department chairs and other university leadership. He spearheads an ambitious program of laboratory modernization across West Campus, delivering a significant expansion of Yale’s science and engineering capacity. He manages strategic capital investments, deployment of high-value shared research instrumentation laboratories, and has built successful collaborations with global scientific research organizations. Incarvito earned a PhD degree in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Delaware in 2002. His research interests include the application of orthogonal analytical instrumentation to complex chemical and biological problems with a focus on x-ray based techniques. He is an expert in the field of x-ray crystallography and has been recognized with co-authorship of  more than 150 peer-reviewed publications. He serves on a number of university-wide committees and is a member of the university’s Staff Leadership Council.


Matt Grandbois

Matt Grandbois
Dow Chemical Company

Matt Grandbois is a Corporate Account Marketing Manager for the Dow Chemical Company where he focuses on developing new technologies and solutions across Dow’s chemical portfolio to address the needs of their complex customer accounts within the electronics industry. Grandbois is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Younger Chemist Committee and is the current Chair, and Chair-Elect, of the ACS Division of Professional Relations Younger Chemist Subdivision. In these roles, he develops programming at national ACS meetings aimed at developing professional skills for young scientists. He has been developing trainings and programs to further improve the communication skills of scientists while he was part of the University of Minnesota Chemistry Department Graduate Student Workshop Committee that further spread to his leadership within Dow’s internal early career scientist development committee. He has a BA (2004) in chemistry (ACS) and music performance from Augustana College (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) and a PhD (2010) in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. He was a 2008 Fulbright Scholar to Norway where he studied the relationship between technology and society at the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology.

Ken HaenenKen Haenen
Hasselt University & IMEC vzw

Ken Haenen is Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics, and Director of the Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology at Hasselt University, Belgium, where he obtained his PhD degree in physics in 2002. He is also a guest professor at IMEC, Belgium. His research interests focus on CVD diamond, including its deposition, optoelectronic characterization, surface functionalization, and diamond-based devices, as part of a broader scope on carbon materials for energy harvesting and conversion. He is a 2017 Volume Organizer for MRS Bulletin and Editor-in-Chief of Diamond and Related Materials. He is involved in the organization of several leading international diamond and nanocarbon conferences, including the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (Chair), Hasselt Diamond Workshop (Co-Chair), and New Diamond and Nano Carbons (Executive Committee); he organized MRS symposia on carbon functional interfaces at the 2011 and 2013 MRS Spring Meetings; and he served as a co-chair of the 2015 MRS Spring Meeting.

Jennifer MaclachlanJennifer L. Maclachlan
PID Analyzers, LLC

As a co-owner and sales manager of PID Analyzers, LLC, Jennifer L. Maclachlan is responsible for managing relationships with distributors and key clients as well as the web-based marketing, social, and digital media initiatives, of which she was an early adopter. Maclachlan is the Chair of the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) and serves in various Public Relations Communications roles for the ACS as well as providing Public Relations training to ACS groups in-person and via Webinar. She is a founder of the Cape Cod Science Café, which she started in 2011, with support from the Northeastern Section of the ACS (NESACS) and an International Year of Chemistry (IYC2011) mini-grant. This program has continued to gain popularity and the 19th Cape Cod Science Café will take place on March 25, 2017, within  a large public outreach event, STEM Journey, of which she is a founding member and organizer. STEM Journey is an award-winning K–12 annual public outreach, day-long event with collaborative efforts from the ACS Local Section (NESACS), the Cape & Islands Boy Scouts, Sandwich STEM Academy, and PID Analyzers, LLC.

Judy MeiksinJudy Meiksin
Materials Research Society

Judy Meiksin is News Editor for the Materials Research Society, where she is responsible for generating content for news and features for MRS Bulletin, the Materials360® Newsletter, and Meeting Scene®. She has taught writing for over 20 years, including courses at the University of Pittsburgh and the School of the Carnegie as well as invited workshops, most recently at the College of William and Mary and at the Center for Study of Science, Technology & Policy (Bangalore). She has her B.A. degree (1983) from Carnegie Mellon University and MFA degree (1989) from the University of Pittsburgh, both in Writing.

Judy MeiksinRóisín Owens
École des Mines de St. Étienne

Róisín Owens is an Associate Professor in the Department of Bioelectronics (BEL) at the Centre Microélectronique de Provence of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Etienne. She received her BA in Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland, and her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Southampton University in the UK. She held a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University, studying lipid metabolism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This was followed by a 1.5 year appointment at Agave BioSystems in Ithaca, New York, where she was involved in developing immunological and biochemical methods for the detection of cancers and pathogenic organisms. She returned, then, to Cornell to engineer proteins for rhinovirus therapeutics, as well as develop nanoparticles for in vivo targeting. Owens has a wide range of expertise in the areas of protein and lipid biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and immunology. She has received several awards including the European Research Council starting grant, a Marie Curie reintegration fellowship, and an EMBO fellowship. She is principal editor for biomaterials for MRS Communications and a news advisor for MRS Bulletin.

Karen WeintraubKaren Weintraub
Freelance Health/Science Journalist

Karen Weintraub is a freelance health/science journalist who regularly contributes to Scientific AmericanUSA TodayThe New York Times, and STAT news, among others. She teaches journalism as an adjunct at Boston University and the Harvard Extension School, and has written two books and three e-books with Harvard doctors.

Wielding social media for effective science communication