Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 ChemLuminary Award Finalist Posters

2014 ChemLuminary Award Finalist Poster Session Reception was Tuesday August 12, 2014 from 8:00 - 9:00 PM and the awards were announced beginning at 9:00 PM, Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

The Northeastern Local Section was a finalist in five event categories and received three, one of which I organized together with the Division of Environmental Chemistry! 

L to R: Tracy Williamson, Chair ACS DIvision of Environmental Chemistry, Tom Barton, ACS President 2014, and Jennifer Maclachlan, ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Appropriations Committee Member and Northeastern Local Section Public Relations & Communications Team Member 

Below are the three posters that I designed for the 2014 ChemLuminary Award Finalist Poster Session.

I am the Public Relations Chair for the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses and I
prepared this poster by working with members of the Georgia Local Section who
organized this collaborative event with SCHB at the recent SERMACS regional meeting.

I serve on my Local Section PR Committee so I volunteered to compile and create this poster.
 I also organized several of the events so that made it easy to do.
Read about the NESACS Outstanding Continuing Public Relations Program here

I am on the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Executive Committee
 (Appropriations Committee) and this event that is nominated for two 2014 ChemLuminary
Awards is one that I planned. So naturally I volunteered to create this poster.
Read about the Outstanding National Chemistry Week event for a specific audience here

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Times and Locations of PID Analyzers talks by @pidgirl at #ACSsanfran

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Implementation of my Innovative Project Grant: Tools for Operational Success

Friday August 8, 2014, before the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, I implemented the Innovate Project Grant (IPG) that I wrote, in my role as Public Relations Chair for the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses. My IPG was funded in the Fall of 2013. 

The goal of Tools for Operational Success is to provide the executive committee of the Small Chemical Businesses Division with dedicated ACS Leadership Development System™ training courses. 

We have developed this Tools for Operational Success to assist us as we begin our journey to develop our SCHB strategic vision for 2014 and beyond. Recognizing that we need additional volunteers to fill executive committee positions as well as both engage current members and increase new members, we began to utilize our collective talents as business owners and managers, by incorporating strategies that we each use on a daily basis in running our small chemical businesses and applying these to operating the SCHB. Advance submission of written reports has aided in improved time management during monthly conference calls, we are working towards the formation of committees to encourage volunteers and foster leadership development within our Division, as well as an increase of Patron Memberships. Having dedicated, ACS training at the National Meeting will provide us with the tools that we are lacking. We will produce an Officer’s Manual based on the written reports, the group exercises and IPG follow-up implementation conference calls that occur after the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. Tools for Operational Success will serve as a visioning session for the direction of the Division beyond 2014. 

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