Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pittcon Technical Session Sunday GC Detectors

Don't miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Jack Driscoll, the Father of Photoionization, speak about the 4th Generation Photoionization Detector at the GC Detectors PITTCON Oral Session on Sunday at the OCCC RM 308C. Session starts at 1pm but make sure to stick around for speaker # 6 (Dr. Driscoll) "A New PID for Trace Gas Analysis" is scheduled for 2:35pm after the 2:20pm break. You can catch Jack before he speaks or just get yourself a good seat! Dr. Driscoll is credited with commercializing the first photoionization detector in 1973 and three years later applied the technology to a state-of-the-art add-on stand-alone GC detector for addition to lab GCs.

Sunday Posters Session At Pittcon

Join us for the Sunday Poster Sessions @pittcon for New Developments in Analytical Instrumentation and Software. Make sure to check out our two posters: #270-17 "Dual-Detector TCD/FUV GC for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring" and #270-38 "Pd-Hydrogen Nano Technology Study with a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope". OCCC RM W415 Valencia Ballroom C & D #pittcon

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If you are at PITTCON, stop by our booth #2475

We're featuring 1) New Add-On GC Detectors (including the 4th generation PID which is even more sensitive), a TCD, an FID and the under-utilized FarUV 2) Portable GC 3) Compact Lab GC 4) Portable Photoionization Detector (check out our new low cost PID, if you haven't bought a PID in awhile you'll be surprised at how affordable ours are) 5) Portable PID with up to 3 additional sensors (choose from 30+ electrochemical sensors and an IR-based sensor). It's cool and convenient to build your own analyzer! 6) The low cost fixed continuous VOC monitor.

GC Detectors Group on Pittconnect

Join My GC Detectors Group on Pittconnect. We're looking for GC users, manufacturers, resellers etc to join us to discuss related symposia for Pittcon 2011. We're meeting Monday afternoon at my booth# 2475 at 4pm.
If you plan to attend the technical sessions Sunday, make sure to attend our oral session at 2:35pm called 'A New PID for Trace Analysis'.

The Sunday Poster Session is a must because it is so delightful: live music, free cocktails and light appetizers and wicked awesome science!Jack and I will be at poster #270-17 titled 'Dual Detector TCD/FUV for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring'. Jack may also be found at the simultaneously presented Nanotechnology poster # 270-38 that he worked on jointly with the Suffolk University Physics Department, Boston, MA."

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