Thursday, November 7, 2019

And ACTION: AIHA announces their Young Worker Health & Safety Policymaker Meeting Request Campaign

Every minute, a young worker is injured on the job, and every day, a young worker loses their life as a result of an incident at work. By working with policymakers we can help protect young workers. One of the first steps on the road to protecting workers is meeting with policymakers, which is also one of the most effective forms of advocacy.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has launched an action alert titled Young Worker Health and Safety Policymaker Meeting Request with a pre-written letter to your LOCAL policymakers. All you have to do in click on the link below, fill in your name and address and click on START WRITING, which opens up a letter to your policymakers (you can select the letter as is or customize it if you wish), then click SEND.

The letter requests a meeting. The AIHA Teen Workplace Health and Safety Task Force can assist you with the next steps in this advocacy process by providing preparatory materials for your meeting/visit. Contact us to learn more. If meeting with legislators is out of your comfort zone, please send the action alert anyway and pass on the lead to the AIHA Teen Workplace Health and Safety Task Force and we'll follow through with it either by identifying someone local who is willing to take the meeting or scheduling a telecon if we need to complete the meeting remotely. 

Advocate for the education of young workers so that they are able to identify and correct workplace hazards and teach them to expect a safe and healthy workplace. Take action now.


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