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COMSCI Business Plan Presentations at #ACSSanDiego

Chosen as a Chemical & Engineering News pick of the day for Monday March 26, 2012

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 COMSCIMukund Chorghade, Donna Nelson Monday, March 26, 2012 

Oral Session
Entrepreneurship in Chemistry: Business Plan Presentations for Financing the Start-ups - AM Session
Organizers:Mukund Chorghade, Sadiq Shah
Presiders:Mukund Chorghade
Duration:9:00 am - 12:40 pm
Pres TimePub #Presentation Title
9:20 am2ALS Biopharma, LLC: New therapeutic treatments for the debilitating condition of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and related disorders
Allen B Reitz,
9:40 am3New PID with capability to detect and identify analytes
Jennifer L MacLachlan, Jack N Driscoll.
10:00 am4New biofuels from lignocelluloses
Palaniyandi Manivasakam,
10:20 am5Empiriko's Clinical Intelligence Technology (CIT) platform
Pam Randhawa,
10:40 am6Inspiration and intellectual value from Asian traditional medicine
Mukund S Chorghade, Anjali M Rahatgaonkar.
11:00 am7Effective therapeutic dermatological products for the ethnic population
Eunice N. Cofie,
11:20 am8Ionic Liquid (IL) based drugs for the $1.2B pain management sector: New disruptive directions in pain management
Gabriela Gurau, Daniel T. Daly T Daly, Robin D Rogers.
11:40 am9Acceleration of drug discovery and development
Anita A Mehta,
12:00 pm10Protein purification and analyses
Bhami Shenoy,
12:20 pm11Analytical pixels
Edward Myers, Joshua Whitting.

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