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Science Communication Panel at #f16mrs

Science Communication Panel at #f16mrs How to Use Social Media for Connecting with Colleagues and the Press Sunday, November 27
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sheraton, 5th Floor, The Fens This panel will discuss how materials researchers can leverage social  media as a networking tool as well as a way to promote their work  through the press and to the public. 
Each panelist will present for twenty minutes and a one hour facilitated  discussion will follow. Moderator Christopher D. Incarvito
Yale University
@cincarvito Christopher D. Incarvito has served as Director of Research Operations and Technology at Yale University's West Campus since 2011. In this role he leads development of research, faculty recruitment, campus expansion, sustainability, and has oversight for communications. He is responsible for the quality and creation of new research programming and facilities through collaborative work with faculty, directors, deans, department chairs and other university leadership. He spearheads an…

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