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*Science is Fun* with a Chemistry Ambassador

My new passion is live tweeting. Not only does it let others following along experience the event in real-time it also makes for an accurate and simple blog post after the event. This particular event was a High School Chemistry Teacher Workshop on Sunday September 30, 2012 in Rochester, NY led by American Chemical Society President Bassam Shakhashiri at the Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society #NERM12. The nice part about Regional Meetings is their size and that they are contained in the host hotel. I stopped in the room to say hello to Bassam and to tell him that we are excited to have him coming to our local section (NESACS) for thetwelfth consecutive year for National Chemistry Week to deliver the Phyllis A. Brauner Memorial Lecture. I absolutely had to stay for his workshop. I love listening to Bassam talk about chemistry education and outreach.  His enthusiasm is contagious and the energy in the room changes as attendees are mesmerized by his performance a…

Small Chemical Business Symposium Report at Nova 10/11/12

Award-winning symposium: Starting and Financing a Small Chemical Business

Guest blog post by Jack Driscoll, PR Chair NESACS
Waltham, MA, Oct.11,2012- When Nova Biomedical Corp. in Waltham, MA agreed to host the 926th meeting of the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS), we asked whether we could add an afternoon symposium to the venue and received an enthusiastic “yes”.  Our section, NESACS, is the largest of the 187 sections of the ACS with 7,500 members mostly in the greater Boston area. Most people are surprised to hear that.  The symposium program is described here.
The program included a summary of the ACS programs for Entrepreneurs, programs available from MA Small Business Development Center, the startup of Nova in the nineteen seventies, conventional  and SBA financing. Other subjects included advantages of executive education for Tech entrepreneurs, non dilutive and dilutive equity funding and an enlightening talk on the advantages of tweeting and other s…