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#AIHceEXP: The @pidgirl experience

#AIHceEXP May 20-23 2018 Philadelphia, PA The primary reason that we attend the #AIHceEXP annually is to exhibit our suite of gas detection products.

Featured real-time detection products included: 

First level screening tools for rapid identification of the source of the spill/smell/area of concern-Total VOC monitoring:Model 102+ PID with multi-sensor options and Model 115 FID

Second level screening tools for separation of components where general knowledge of types of contaminants/chemicals are being used: Continuous monitors: Model 112
Hand-Held GC:Model 121

Third level tools for sophisticated monitoring:
Model 312 Portable Gas Chromatograph with PC on board and dual detector capability-ideal for applications where the user can eliminate sending samples to the lab
Model 301C: Process Analyzer for 24/7 data reporting of complex matrices.

Nearly everyone who came by my booth at #AIHceEXP wanted to know what makes our PID lamps last so long? How do we have an 11.7eV lamp th…

Talking safety: Why safety matters

Invited presentation on the PRES track at #ACSBoston
Talking safety: Why safety matters
by Jennifer Maclachlan, PID Analyzers, LLC

Safety is a core value for many professional societies including the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Through education, training and leading by example, members of the ACS and AIHA can create what ACS President, Peter Dorhout, has coined an "ethos of safety". 40 young workers die each year, and 60,000 more are rushed to the emergency room due to workplace injuries. Educating students about workplace hazards that include but are not limited to chemical, electrical, physical (fall, trip, slip), emotional (includes verbal abuse, bullying etc.) and more using tools like the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) Talking Safety curriculum and abbreviated materials known as Safety Matters, developed jointly by NIOSH and AIHA, member volunteers of AIHA and ACS can introduce these…

What to expect at STEM Journey V on May 12th

Join us on Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 11am-3:30pm at Sandwich High School for STEM Journey V. This event is organized by the Cape and Islands Boy Scouts Council of America, the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society, PID Analyzers, LLC and Sandwich STEM Academy.

Event registration will begin at 10:45am. There will be two lines: One for pre-registrants and one for onsite registrations.
Opening ceremonies will begin promptly at 1100hrs and the US Air Force will present Colors. STEM Journey V is a free, all-ages general public event hosted by Sandwich STEM Academy at Sandwich High School, featuring hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities and demonstrations, led by area stakeholders including educators, business owners and New England area colleges and universities. Having the participation of colleges and universities at STEM Journey gives high school students an opportunity to be exposed to the STEM fields of study and career paths that these institut…