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Embracing the New Media at #ACSSanDiego

American Chemical Society Spring National Meeting San Diego, CA

#ACSSanDiego Document ID: 22075 Program Area: SCHB: Division of Small Chemical Businesses Symposium Title: (SCHB008) Sci-Mix Monday Evening March 26, 2012 INSTITUTIONS1. PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, MA, 02563, United States AUTHORS1. Jennifer L. Maclachlan1, 2 Washington Circle, #4, Sandwich, MA, 02563, United States 
Title: Embracing the new media: making social and digital media the marketing plan
Abstract Body: At the conclusion of our first year of a successful monthly E-Newsletter campaign in 2008, we received much positive feedback from current and potential customers and clients. After attending a Constant ContactTM marketing boot camp, we expanded our email list by promoting it through social media. In late 2009, we opened several blog accounts, a Facebook business page, and a Twitter account for our small chemical business. During the last two years we have steadily grown our social media presence, as well as develope…

Accepted for presentation at #ACSSanDiego True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs

243rd ACS National Meeting, San Diego, CA#ACSSanDiego Document ID: 15157 Program Area:SCHB: Division of Small Chemical Businesses Symposium Title: (SCHB001)  SESSION: True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs

SESSION START TIME: March 26, 2012, 8:30 am


DAY & TIME OF PRESENTATION: Monday March 26, 2012 from 10:15 am to 10:45 am

LOCATION: San Diego Convention Center , Room: Room 26B
INSTITUTIONS1. PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, MA, 02563, United States AUTHORS1. Jennifer L. Maclachlan1, Managing Director, 2 Washington Circle, #4, Sandwich, MA, 02563, United States , 6176994307, 2. Jack Driscoll1 , 2 Washington Circle, #4, Sandwich, MA, 02563, United States , 7744135281 X119, Reason for Abstract Submission: I was specifically invited to submit this paper.
Preferred Presentation Method: Oral Only Title:Staying lean and utilizing social media: Remaining relevant as a small chemical business

Q3 Cape Cod Science Cafe: Discussion about Sustainability, Chemistry and the Art of Craft Beer

PID-based #GCs: ready, set, cruise!

GUEST BLOG POST: Jack Driscoll (JND)

On Friday, Nov.5, 2011, Jennifer Maclachlan and I (JND) from PID Analyzers of Sandwich, MA had a tour of the US Navy research vessel, Knorr located at its home port of Falmouth, MA at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). 
It is a magnificent ocean going laboratory with clean rooms, wet chemistry & instrumental laboratories for on-board monitoring of > 20 trace metals, nutrients, pH, conductivity & isotopes etc. in sea water samples.
The ocean research vessel Knorr (279’) is one of the largest U.S. Navy research vessels and is operated by WHOI (Falmouth, MA). The Knorr is best known as the ship that supported a team of WHOI and French researchers who discovered the wreck of the RMS Titanic in 1985. One of our customers is Prof. Gregory Cutter, Old Dominion University, an Ocean Researcher, and co-Chief Scientist of this voyage of the Knorr. The R/V Knorr (above) departed on Nov. 6 to Bermuda then to Cape Verde Island. This crew of 24 …

New brochure: #FID for process, stack, QC, env measurements #flameionization

When the job calls for an FID, we've got the right one for you: Our new brochure below describes our family of analyzers "FID for all occasions" featuring applications including process, stack gas measurement, environmental analysis and QC batch analysis. FID for All Occasions 4p 1011

Conferee Networking Discussion Sessions at #pittcon 2012

Organized by subject matter in green and below organized by date/time. Atomic Spectroscopy/Elemental Analysis CANCELLED - High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy Anne-Dorothea Mueller, Anfatac Instruments AG Chemical Methods Analysis and Control of Genotoxic Impurities in Drug Development Jane Li, Genentech Chemical Methods Phase Appropriate GMP for Validation of Analytical MethodsAmir Malek, Genentech Chemical Methods Regulation of Transportation FuelMichael T Cheng, Chevron Computers, Modeling and Simulation CANCELLED - Which Has the Highest Priority - LIMS or ELN?David P Hurt, Labvantage Solutions Computers, Modeling and Simulation Challenges in CDS Software DevelopmentRajeev Kumaraswamy, Network SystemsTechnologies, Ltd. Computers, Modeling and Simulation Standards for Instrument OutputsAnand R Mudambi, US Environmental Protection Agency Data Analysis and Manipulation CANCELLED - Is Today's Laboratory Ready for Tablet Computers?David P Hurt, Labvantage Solutions Data Analysis and Manipulati…