Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Q3 Cape Cod Science Cafe: Discussion about Sustainability, Chemistry and the Art of Craft Beer

Location: Cape Cod Beer, 1336 Phinney's Lane, Hyannis, MA
When: Friday evening October 21, 2011 
Time: 6pm-8pm
As an official #IYC2011 event we properly
labelled the door with the IYC poster
from the American Chemical Society

Special thanks to Cape Cod Beer for both hosting AND sponsoring this excellent event! Especially to Beth Marcus for coordinating with me and to Todd Marcus for putting on the show!

Additional sponsors included: Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society and 
PID Analyzers, LLC.

6 minutes into the event attendees were
enjoying chowder and beer.
On Cape Cod
 (and other parts of New England
we pronounce it *chowda
Folks enjoyed the social hour;
locals interested
in the topic and local chemists
over delicious craft beer
and clam chowder and salad.

Jack Driscoll, PR Chair of the
NortheasternSection of the American Chemical
Society, kicks off the Q3 #IYC2011 event
with short talk about the
of the International Year of Chemistry,
an overview of Cape Cod Science Cafes
Q1 and Q2
and announced the Q4 Healthy Kids Cape
Cod Science Cafe.

Projector and my Sci-Mix poster
from Denver are ready to go!
Even Buster is excited about
the Cape Cod Science Cafe
at Cape Cod Beer!

Jack Driscoll speaks about how critical the STEM program (Science Technology
Engineering & Mathematics) is for encouraging impressionable students to pursue these disciplines and his experiences with chemistry outreach with K-12 students during the International Year of Chemistry.

Todd Marcus turned out the lights, took the mic and engaged the crowd with his
presentation. He even made special chemistry slides specific to this audience!

We had 55 attendees at this event to learn about sustainability, making, sampling of craft beers. You could tell that we had number of chemists from NESACS in the audience from the chemistry questions asked during and after the talk. 

That's right folks, I asked the Brewmaster to sash-up: go chemistry ambassadors!

My friend, Nancy McCormick-Pickett commented (see below) on my Facebook post (see above)

Nancy McCormick-Pickett That's terrific! Another Chemistry Ambassador.
October 21 at 8:41pm ·

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