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@pidgirl's June 2012 E-Newsletter

From PID's to portable GC's and Beyond                               June 2012  From a local training course led by a colleague at UMass Boston to the Real-Time Detection Systems Committee Professional Development Courses (PDCs) at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition, Jack has been out of the lab this month and on location teaching.  We're looking forward to our mid-week mini break next week in observance of the Independence Day holiday: we're closing Wednesday and Thursday.  Early history of the photoionization detectorNumerous companies manufacture and/or supply photoionization detectors but we remain unique because we have Dr. Jack Driscoll, the Father of Photoionization, the true expert on the HNU PID which has become coined *the analytical PID*.  He was honored to present the Early History of the Photionization Detector at the PID/4 gas field use PIDs andHazardous Chemicals and Real-Time Detection Systems PDC(s). His presentation is here and is …

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, and CERM 2012

Guest blog post byGeorge Ruger

The 43rd Meeting of the Central Region of the American Chemical Society took place in Dearborn Michigan at the Henry Hotel June 5-9, 2012.  However, how does someone way out east get to such a place to enjoy all that the rest of the country has to offer?  Of course, there are planes.  But it is so expensive to travel by plane these days.  Trains go throughout the country, but do they go everywhere?  

And of course the almighty automobile, the cars and trucks which take people to and from work each day. 
Scratching the plane, and with it the hefty price tag, and skipping over the automobiles until later, we shall focus on the marvel that fueled our countries' early expansion out west, the train.  Do trains go beyond the lucrative Northeast Corridor and to points unknown?  Well, it turns out they do.  Mighty Amtrak does in fact make many stops along the way from NYC to Chicago.  One such stop takes us to Toledo Ohio, a mere hour from Detroit.  There is bu…

Utilizing ACS Network, Google+ and Pinterest as marketing tools for my small chemical business

244th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PADocument ID: 15751     Program Area: SCHB: Division of Small Chemical Businesses        Symposium Title: (SCHB008) Sci-Mix Monday August 20, 2012 8pm-10pm INSTITUTIONS 1. PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, Massachusetts, US, 02563, United States AUTHORS 1. Jennifer L Maclachlan1, PID Analyzers, LLC
Title: Utilizing ACS Network, Google+ and Pinterest as marketing tools for my small chemical businessAbstract Body: In a previous presentation: Staying lean and utilizing social media: Remaining relevant as a small chemical business given in the Small Chemical Businesses Division symposium True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs at the 243rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, I discussed my intention to explore ACS Network, Google+ and Pinterest as viable social media marketing tools for my small chemical business, PID Analyzers, LLC. This poster will illustrate best practices and the value of ACS Network, Google+ and Pinterest …

Upgrade your GC

Our PID detectors are easy to install on any commercial GC.

SelectivityImproves separations and analysis of trace speciesWide linear dynamic range> 107
50-200 times more sensitive than the FID 
High sensitivitypg or sub pg detection limits- most sensitive PID available
Non destructiveDetectors can be run in-series

Used by environmental agencies worldwide

Display (PI52 only)Our 2 line by 16 character display can be backlit; used for range and background readings.

ADCOur 16 bit ADC provides a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range

Programmable Voltage output0-10VDC (PI52 only)The photoionization detector (PID) is used for the measurement of low (ppb) organic and inorganic species that can be ionized by the UV lamp (9.5, 10.6 & 11.7). Nearly 20,000 of these detectors have been sold worldwide since it was first released by HNU Systems in 1976. It has been used for the measurement of VOC’s in water (EPA method 602, EPA M…

Cape Cod Point of View: SE Massachusetts STEM Expo

SE MA STEM EXPO- Cape View May 24,2012 Guest Blog Post by Dr. Jack Driscoll, PR Chair Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society

This EXPO was a success for the students and teachers who were very excited to attend a science & technology convention for young students. There were a wide range of companies and organizations who could discuss careers and provide demonstrations from marshmallow construction to blood chemistry to robotics. A STEM program that was recently added to the 8th grade curriculum of the Dennis Yarmouth school district was presented. 

For the high school students who did not attend, the National Science Foundation (NSF) offers scholarships in STEM for Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees. The NSF STEM funding for MA (starting in 2003) has resulted in a 200-300% increase in high AP courses in the Boston Public Schools over the past few years. 

We (NESACS) attended the SE MA EXPO as presenters to the 500+ grade 5-8 students from 23 different school …

Social Media Meetup at AIHCE 2012

Announcing the 3rd annual Social Media Meetup at AIHCE 2012 Monday June 18, 2012  6pm Champions Sports Bar at Marriott Indy Downtown 350 West Maryland Street  Drop by between meetings or plan to stick around for a lively facilitated discussion on social media led by @pidguy aka Jack Driscoll.  Email Jennifer Maclachlan or tweet her at @pidgirl today with social media topics/questions you'd like discussed. Remember to use the #AIHCE hashtag on Twitter. 

2nd Annual Social Media Meetup in Portland, OR

1st Annual *Tweetup* in Denver, CO