Monday, December 12, 2011

My Best in Blog: How @pidgirl celebrated #IYC2011 on Cape Cod

Marshland Restaurants made this yummy homemade cake for the 4th quarter IYC Celebration

International Year of Chemistry Cape Cod Science Cafes organized by Jennifer Maclachlan, a.k.a. @pidgirl:

Cape Cod Science Cafe Quarter 1
IYC theme: Environment
IYC Official Event Link 

Science Cafe theme:
Protecting the Cape Cod Water Supply
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When: March 1, 2011

Speakers: L to R: Gongmin Lei and Sue Rask of the Barnstable County and Dr. Krista Longnecker of WHOI
Special thanks to our sponsors: Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society, The Town of Barnstable,  The Cape Cod Commission and PID Analyzers, LLC and our gracious host: The Hyannis Golf Club.

Ruth Tanner, 2011 Chair Elect NESACS, Jack Driscoll, PR Chair
NESACS, Jennifer Maclachlan, Dan Nocera, Keynote Speaker
and Mort Hoffman, IYC Chair, NESACS
Cape Cod Science Cafe Quarter 2
IYC theme: Energy
IYC Official Event Link
Science Cafe theme: Alternative Energy & Sustainability
When: Friday April 29, 2011

Local Press release

Special thanks to our sponsors: Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society and PID Analyzers, LLC and our gracious host: 
The Hyannis Golf Club.

Theme: Materials
Science Cafe Theme: Sustainability, Chemistry and the Art of Craft Beer
IYC Official Event Link
Local Press: Cape Cod Times Column
Special thanks to Cape Cod Beer for hosting and to Todd Marcus for speaking at the event. The chemists in the audience loved the chemistry slides!

Theme: Health
Science Cafe theme: Healthy Kids 

Local Press: Sandwich Enterprise
                      Cape Cod Times
Special thanks to our host, the Sandwich Public Library, 
Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society, 
NESACS member volunteers: The Reibach Family and
Sonja Strah-Pleynet. Thanks especially to NCW Chair 
Christine Jaworek-Lopes for her chemistry supplies. 
A huge thank you to the Mid-Hudson section for their
participation during the event performing an experiment
from the Global Water Experiment as well as food chemistry

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