#SCHBD proposed program for #ACSPHL

                SCHB proposed program for ACS 244nm Philadelphia August 2012

Abstract submission opens January 23, 2012 via PACS

* SCHB001 True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs Oral Patrick McCarthy 

* SCHB002 Best Practices for Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion Oral

* SCHB003 Entrepreneurship: Drug Discovery Innovation at Start-Up, Small-, and Medium-Sized Biotechnology Companies Oral (cosponsor COMP, MEDI, ORGN) Allen Reitz 

* SCHB004 How Small Businesses Increase Sales and Grow Using Social Media Oral Jennifer Maclachlan

* SCHB005 Marketing and Technical Sales for Start-up and Growing Businesses Oral David Jarvis 

* SCHB006 What You Need to Know About the New U.S. Patent Laws Oral Jeff Bergman

* SCHB007 Chemical Entrepreneurs Poster Session Poster Jennifer Maclachlan 

* SCHB008 Sci-Mix Sci-Mix Jennifer Maclachlan 

* SCHB009 Terahertz Spectroscopy Moves From the Laboratory to the Commercial Sector Oral Anis Rahman

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