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Air Monitoring Symposium Monday afternoon at #ACSINDY

Air Monitoring Symposium #ACSIndySponsored by PID Analyzers, LLCCosponsored by AGRO, ANYL, and CHAS
J. Maclachlan,OrganizerJ. Driscoll, Presiding
Oral Session Monday September 9, 2013 1:30pm-5:25pm In room service of coffee, cookies & lemonadeLocation: Crowne Plaza at Historic Union StationRoom: Penn Station B

1:30 Introductory Remarks by J. Driscoll, PID Analyzers, LLC

1:3598.Comparison of Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) and Federal Reference Method (FRM) in evaluating PM2.5 in Cincinnati, Ohio. K. Li, M. Lu, Department of Enviromental Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 

1:5599.Characterization of particulate matter (PM) generated from commercial DC-8 jet burning petroleum-based JP-8 and synthetic FJ and HRJ fuels.C. Huang, R.L. Vander Wal,Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania

2:15100.Impact of nanostructure on soot oxidation: Pressure and fuel comparisons. C. K. Gaddam, R. L. Vander Wal, Departmen…

SCHB & NESACS at AAAS Boston 2013

I attended the Chemistry Section business meeting  on Friday evening February 15, 2013 as a member of the Chemistry Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This was my first #AAASmeeting and my reason for attending the meeting was to present a career workshop in the Career Pathways track called Learn How to Satisfy Entrepreneurial Cravings with my esteemed local American Chemical Society Small Chemical Businesses SCHB colleagues: Jack Driscoll and Mukund Chorghade. The AAAS sections meet once a year at the annual meeting to plan the symposia for the following year. I went to the meeting to seek out possible connections for future programming and/or cooperation with the chemistry section with bringing our SCHB programming module to AAAS members. Based on my chat with the members of the Chemistry Section governance prior to the meeting, it was clear that the Chemistry Section would not be a good match for our Entrepreneurial Programming. However, they express…

Small chemical businesses and the importance of being social on the CINF Track at #ACSIndy

Symposium Title: (CINF012) Role and Value of Social Networking in Advancing the Chemical Sciences #ACSINDY

Symposium descriptionThere is no shortage of social networking tools available to the scientific community to embrace and, in theory, use to advance the chemical sciences. From YouTube videos for demonstrating lab procedures, to personal blogs or blogging communities, to crowdsourced wikis and Twitter. These tools allow for sharing, for community engagement and collaboration, and many other opportunities to connect scientists (and others) to science. This symposium will examine whether social networking tools offer value to the chemical sciences. We will review how these tools are presently being used and what the opportunities are for the future for improved engagement with the existing systems or the development of new and improved tools.
Presentation title: Small chemical businesses and the importance of being social
INSTITUTIONS 1. PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, Massachusetts, M…

My first New England Local Section American Industrial Hygiene Association meeting

I had the opportunity to attend my first Local Section New England American Industrial Hygiene Association meeting last night in Waltham, MA. It was a joint meeting with the Greater Boston Indoor Air Quality Association. I brought my husband along since the evening topic of wet crawlspaces is applicable to his work as an HVAC specialist. 

We arrived at 5pm so we didn't have much time to mingle with the crowd of hundred or so that turned out for this event. I did manage to find and speak to the one person I knew in the room: Russ Kraiterman of AJ Abrams Company. Russ has much enthusiasm and a special fondness for the HNU PI101 whose easy sales throughout the 1970's and into the 1980's made him a good living. He exclaimed: "PID's put my kids through college and they must have put you through college too"! I echoed with a "Yes, Yes". He said he saw my dad last month at the National Meeting in Montreal and couldn't believe the event we had to celebra…