Thursday, June 20, 2013

Small chemical businesses and the importance of being social on the CINF Track at #ACSIndy

Symposium Title: (CINF012) Role and Value of Social Networking in Advancing the Chemical Sciences #ACSINDY

Symposium descriptionThere is no shortage of social networking tools available to the scientific community to embrace and, in theory, use to advance the chemical sciences. From YouTube videos for demonstrating lab procedures, to personal blogs or blogging communities, to crowdsourced wikis and Twitter. These tools allow for sharing, for community engagement and collaboration, and many other opportunities to connect scientists (and others) to science. This symposium will examine whether social networking tools offer value to the chemical sciences. We will review how these tools are presently being used and what the opportunities are for the future for improved engagement with the existing systems or the development of new and improved tools.

Presentation title: Small chemical businesses and the importance of being social

1. PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, Massachusetts, MA, 02563, United States

1. Jennifer L Maclachlan1 , PID Analyzers, LLC, 2 Washington Circle, #4, Sandwich, MA, 02563, United States 

Abstract Body: As a small chemical business owner I utilize the following social media platforms for my business: Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+, Constant Contact and Pinterest. I will discuss the integral role that each of these social media vehicles plays in the sales, marketing, and branding of my analytical instrumentation. Additionally I will speak to how I've been able to maintain and grow exisiting business relationships through consistent social media communications as well as continuously building a following. Metrics for tracking leads to social campaigns will be addressed. Lastly I will discuss the importance of finding your social media voice and getting out there and being social.

@pidgirl's social media in science presentations 2012

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