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An afternoon in the life of a chemistry ambassador

Guest Blog post by: Dr. Jack Driscoll

Today (Feb. 27, 2012) I visited the Cold Springs Elementary School in Plymouth, MA. I had met the Principal (Mrs. Laura Dolloff) at our 4thCape Cod Science CafĂ© in Dec. 2011. Two of the teachers were interested in starting a science club and my visit would kick it off. I brought a few slides to explain pH and three water samples (pH range 5-11) to provide a bit of color for the pH paper test. We had nearly 100 students from grades 2-5. When I asked for volunteers, everyone raised their hands. One of the teachers commented that some of those kids never volunteer for anything, I picked two boys and a girl who were very excited. About 10 children used the pH paper before  their buses were there.

I explained that science can be more difficult than geography but we live in a very technological society and it will be even more so in your generation. I mentioned a Dick Tracy comic strip in the 1950’s where his “TV watch” was used to communicate with HQ. No…

How Can We Sustain Our Chemistry Outreach Beyond #IYC2011? With #IYCplus1

Join us Tuesday morning March13, 2012  in Room 311F  of the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando,FLA at our PITTCONConferee Networking Session where the topic of discussion will be: How Can We Sustain Our Chemistry Outreach Beyond the International Year of Chemistry?  Facilitated by: Jennifer Maclachlan and George Ruger. 

Jennifer and George are both *Chemistry Ambassadors* and participated in several International Year of Chemistry community outreach events in 2011 including the Greater Boston Mass Spec Discussion Group Annual Family picnic. Read the press we got on this here.

Science Cafes are a fantastic way to engage both your local scientific community as well the general public. Jennifer organized four successful science cafe events during the International Year of Chemistry: read more here.

2012 ACS-organized Chemistry of Food Science Cafes at the upcoming West Coast and East Coast Science Festivals:
West Coast: San Diego Science Festival

East Coast: Cambridge Science Festival

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry #pittcon Poster Session

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Poster Session
Monday Afternoon March 12, 2012 
Red Area on Exposition Floor, Aisles 1300-1500
All posters will be on display from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM with authors present from 1:00 PM to 3:00PM
Location of the posters is on the Exposition Floor – Red Area, Aisles 1300-1500.  The Exposition
Floor opens at 9:00 AM.

(790-1 P) Developing a Fundamental Understanding of the Behavior of Porous Polymer Monoliths in Capillary Electrochromatography Systems TRISHA H PATEL, Trinity University, Douglas T Nolan, Jessica K Lam, Jing Liu, Nicholas J Kuklinski, Michelle M

(790-2 P) Chemical Constituents of the Burmese Python (Python Molurus Bivittatus) Sexual Attractiveness Pheromone  ALLISON BALLOON, Malone University, Jeff Goff, Chris Carmichael, Skip Snow

(790-3 P) Studies of Real-Time Changes in Electroosmotic Flow Under Dynamic Buffer Conditions  AARON OSHER, Skidmore College, Ryan Ahern, Kimberley A Frederick

(790-4 P) Evaluation of Thermoresponsive Hydrogels f…

Guest blog post: AAAS Annual Meeting & the chemistry connection

The 2012 AAAS Annual meeting is taking place in Vancouver, Canada from February 16-20, 2012 #AAASMtg.  The AAAS contains members of the various scientific disciplines.  One of those is Chemistry.  
Last year was 2011, The International Year ofChemistry! Throughout the whole year, the accomplishments of Chemists and the field of Chemistry were celebrated at events nationwide and worldwide.  The four themes of IYC 2011, Environment, Energy, Materials, and Health, one for each quarter, were showcased by events and talks. 

Scientists worldwide celebrated IYC 2011 and held events to teach the public about the importance of not just Chemistry, but all of the STEM related fields and the Natural Sciences.   The AAAS did their part by having posters and banners letting everyone who visited the meeting know what year it was.  There were IYC related activities worked into the meeting schedule.  

A special 5th theme, the Global Water Experiment, took place worldwide as scientists took measurements …

@pidguy's #pittcon 2012 schedule

@pidguy a.k.a. Dr. Jack Driscoll is facilitating a conferee networking session on Sunday March 11, 2012 with @pidgirl a.k.a. Jennifer Maclachlan addressing the question How can the modern analytical chemist overcome the barriers of new method introduction? Click here for session info.

Sunday Evening posters: Sunday March 11, 2011

Analysis of volatile and semivolatile VOC's in waste oils

Inexpensive Wireless Sensor Package for PPB Monitoring of Photochemical Smog Components VOC'S, O3, NO2 and SunlightIndoor Air Pollutant Monitoring in Classrooms & Laboratories (VOC’s, CO, CO2, & ventilation Rates)
Monday afternoon: American Chemical Society Analytical Division Poster Session:
Advantages of a Hyphenated PID/MS Combination for GC ApplicationsClick here for abstract

Tuesday morning 8:30am-10:30am another networking opportunity for all you

Fast GC-PID/FID Analyses using Resistively Heated Columns for Rapid Analyses in the Field

Best Practices for Entrepreneurs #ACSSanDiego

Scroll below for the *Chemical Entrepreneurship Council* write-up on this excellent panel discussion at #ACSSanDiego

SCHBJoseph SabolTuesday, March 27, 2012
Oral SessionBest Practices for Entrepreneurs - PM SessionLocation:San Diego Convention Center Tuesday March 27, 2012Room:Room 26BCosponsored by:BMGT, CEPA, COMSCI, PROFOrganizers:Joseph SabolPresiders:Joseph SabolDuration:1:15 pm - 3:00 pmPres TimePub #Presentation Title1:15 pm
Introductory Remarks1:20 pm
Statements from Panelists. P. Wyatt, W. F. Carroll, J. Giordian1:40 pm
Panel Discussion2:55 pm
Concluding Remarks

Chemical Entrepreneurship Council Tuesday

Exponential Technologies: Disruptive influences and rapid advancements in chemistry #ACSSanDiego

SCHBJoseph SabolMonday, March 26, 2012
Oral SessionExponential Technologies: Disruptive Influences and Rapid Advancements in Chemistry - PM Session
Location:San Diego Convention Center Monday March 26, 2012Room:Room 26BCosponsored by:CEPA, COMSCIOrganizers:Lisa ButtersPresiders:Lisa ButtersDuration:1:30 pm - 4:20 pmPres TimePub #Presentation Title1:30 pm
Introductory Remarks1:35 pm6Digital biology: Life under Moore's Law Raymond McCauley, The ability to read DNA is in the midst of an unprecedented exponential change. The Human Genome Project took about $300 million and 11 years to complete, we now do for under $5000 in a week, and there's no end in sight. What are the practical applications of this technology? What are the technical and economic trends driving this revolution? How can small, agile companies ride along? And where are we going next?2:05 pm7Broadband magnetic signatures of solvated chemistries Bennett M. Butters, A low temperature SQUID (super con…