Fixed Continuous Total VOC Analyzer #PID or #FID

The Model 201-B is a flexible and versatile Analyzer. More than three thousand
of these photoionization detector (PID) based analyzers have been sold worldwide for
applications ranging from carbon bed breakthrough, leak detection to stack and ambient air monitoring. This is attributed to the rugged and durable design that is characteristic of all PID Analyzers products.

Several years ago, we added the flame ionization detector (FID) to the 201 series product line. Other notables in our continuous analyzer 200 series include the Model 202 Infrared (IR) and the Model 204 thermal conductivity based detector (TCD)

Applications: PID or FID      

Photo credit: HNU-Nordion, OY
  • Monitoring effluents from chemical, refining, or manufacturing
  • Carbon bed breakthrough
  • Leak detection- from process equipment
  • Non methane Hydrocarbons in ambient or Stack-FID/Catalyst
  • Drying ovens for removing solvents
  • Ιncineration
  • THC in ambient or plant
  • ppb levels of VOCs- PID only
  • Remediation site monitoring
  • Intake air in chemical or manufacturing plants- used to control re-circulation of air
  • VOC’s in water with optional
  • Sparging system (Model 650) for
  • Total VOCs in water at ppm-ppb levels
Model 201 Continuous Analyzer with PID or FID


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