Thursday, March 15, 2012

@pidgirl's #pittcon picks for Thurs

Last day at Pittcon 2012:

Make sure to swing into the Expo Hall, all those exhibitors want to see you!

We did a joint poster with Shimadzu Scientific on Monday.

Of course there are still many afternoon sessions today that are worthy of your attendance.

Here are my picks:
The Ultimate session to attend is the one that @pidguy is speaking in (of course)-Session is 2pm today Room 311C and is ALL Academics and Jack is the only speaker from Industry-he talks at 3:55pm about the work he has done with the fast portable GC using Vici Valco resistively heated columns. The Session is called: Environmental Analysis: Pharmaceutical and Biologically Active Materials.

Other neat sessions in case the above mentioned one isn't something within your field of interest:

Forensic Analysis: Applications Room 206C, 2pm

Elemental speciation in the real world: clinical, industrial & environmental applications room 311B 2pm-this is next door to where @pidguy is speaking at 3:55pm...

Nanotechnology: other applications Room 307A 2pm

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