@pidgirl's #pittcon picks for Tues March 13

Join @gruger04 and @pidgirl as well as @pidguy at 8:30 this morning for our networking discussion session at OCCC Room 311F: How can we sustain our chemistry outreach beyond the International Year of Chemistry? Learn how to share your passion for science with members of your community including K-12 outreach. Here are some examples of what we did in 2011 for chemistry outreach: 


Then after our awesome networking session it will be time (at 11am) to  head on over to the Tweetup at the coffee place across from FEDEX KINKOS at the main entrance to OCCC on Level 1 at 11am. This gathering of the the social media users is a really good time and shouldn't be missed unless you have a really good excuse ;) 

@pidgirl's cool session picks for today:

Forensics & Homeland Security: am session Explosive Material Detection Room 310B, 8am
pm session: Explosive sensing: from Homeland Security to military applications Room206B, 2pm 

Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals of ambient mass spec: The Chemical Analysis of things as They are, Room 206C, 8am

Symposium Session# 910: Breath analysis as a non-invasive alternative for medical diagnostics Room 207B including achievements and challenges in breath analysis, VOC collection in real time breath analysis and sample prep requirements.

At the end of the day, come out and play at the nighttime Tweetup at Bahama Breezers on I-Drive at 9pm. Tweeting is encouraged but not required.  More about this Tweetup here.


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