@pidgirl's #pittcon picks for Monday March 12, 2012

Good morning fellow #Pittcon attendees and also to those following along at home.
#Pittcon Expo opens today at 9am-I'll be tacking up my ACS Division posters in the Red Area in case you start your day off in the 1300-1500 rows...come by and say good morning! 
Jack and I will be present at the posters from 1pm-3pm

Here's what they look like:

My Monday #pittcon picks: looks like several really cool sessions are happening today at 2pm!

The Environmental & Fuels:
 Subsection of the Technical Program looks pretty interesting: today March 12, 2012 Environmental Analysis: Novel Applications Room 209B 2pm OCCC.

Check out the General sessions: 
Chemistry & Art for Teaching & Research , today March 12, 2012, Room 308A, 2pm OCCC

Words Matter: Effective Communication in your Lab, today March 12, 2012, Room 313, 2pm OCCC


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