Friday, April 8, 2011

Chemistry Outreach on Cape Cod in celebration of the International Year of Chemistry

Accepted poster presentation at the Fall National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Denver, CO Environmental (ENVR) Division, General Posters & SCI-MIX

Abstract: The purpose of this poster is to depict the impact of chemistry outreach on Cape Cod and to inspire folks to use this as a model for their own community. Initially my intent was to host one Cape Cod Science Cafe with the mini-grant I applied for and received from my local section: Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS) as an International Year of Chemistry (IYC) kick-off event. However, the response to the marketing effort to the general public, local science community including educators and students (grades 9-12 and college level) and to the local section members (NESACS) was so overwhelmingly positive that I have decided to host and organize a Cape Cod Science Cafe for each Quarter of IYC with the support of NESACS.

Cape Cod Science Cafe Q1 Speakers: Gongmin Lei, Sue Rask and Krista Longnecker
Dr. Jack Driscoll demonstrates the Global Water Experiment at the Q2 Cape Cod Science Cafe

Ruth Tanner '11 Chair Elect NESACS, Jack Driscoll, Jennifer Maclachlan, Dan Nocera-keynote speaker and Mort Hoffman, Councilor NESACS
 Q2 Alternative Energy & Sustainable Living in accordance with IYC Q2: Energy. Click here for more info.

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