Monday, April 18, 2011

New IR Sensors & Improvements for Model 202 IR Analyzer

PID Analyzers has added a number of new IR sensors for monitoring the following compounds: N2O, ETO, EtOH. MeOH, IPA & CH3Br with the Model 202 IR Analyzer. This greatly expands  the capability and selectivity of our infrared analyzer line for monitoring industrial processes such as drying ovens, pill coating,  and ETO sterilizer vents.

We have developed a “hot IR sensor” option for the Model 202 since many VOC’s can be lost in conventional sample handling systems as a result of their solubility in water. The Analyzer temperature  is kept well above the dewpoint  at 45+/- 10C. 

A cold weather option has also been developed that allows the Analyzer to operate properly at temperatures down to -350F.

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