Thursday, April 1, 2021

SCHB rises to the call: Members-helping-members during the coronavirus pandemic


ABSTRACT SYMPOSIUM NAME: Chemical Business Poster Session
CONTROL ID: 3557874
PRESENTATION TYPE: Poster Only : Consider for Sci-Mix
TITLE: SCHB rises to the call: Members-helping-members during the coronavirus pandemic
AUTHORS (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME): George W. Ruger1James Skinner1David J. Deutsch1Abhishek Kantak1Joseph E. Sabol1Mukund Chorghade1Jennifer L. Maclachlan1, Adam Sussman1, Janet L. Bryant1, Niteen A. Vaidya1
INSTITUTIONS (ALL): 1. SCHB, Modena, NY, United States.
In 2020, SCHB expanded its member benefits, including creating a weekly forum for SCHB members to help each other. In the early stages of the COVID shut-down, members sought information on viruses and public health, business continuity advice, and continuation of the social interaction that we missed in Philadelphia. We started with a weekly "discuss business" teleconference, and quickly evolved to video Zoom sessions, with speakers on a timely topic, special events like the RMRM and Chemluminary after party, open forum, and nearly all were branded as "SCHB Happy Hour 'n' Learn." Topics included cyber-security when working from home, workplace safety for essential workers re-opening, SBA PPP and EIDL programs, cooking, food, and beverage, school reopening, vaccines, and generally everything SCHB members would discuss if in person at an ACS national, regional, or specialty conference.

Some weeks were continue the discussion after an ACS webinar, and others were in collaboration with technical divisions, e.g., BMGT, CHAS, and ENFL, or local sections, e.g., Princeton, Philadelphia, and Chicago. We sought to "continue the conversation" that would have occurred as members moved from symposia in the convention center to the reception to the hotel bar. Each week regular attendees would greet new and potential members and show how we can share and learn from each other, even if on a remote virtual platform.

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