Cape Cod Science Cafe: Alternative Energy & Sustainability

Cape Cod Science Cafe: Celebrates IYC Q2

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Ordinary solar panels on dormitory roof, Friedman Field Station

Suffolk University's Friedman Field Station on the shore of Cobscook Bay in Edmunds, Maine
Tiltdown 10 kilowatt Wind Turbine-Friedman Field Station which provides energy back to the Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. grid  

Solar panel which follows the sun located inside the geodesic dome-Friedman Field Station

This geodesic dome provides all the hot water on the campus at Friedman Field Station.

All photos courtesy of  Dr. Walter Johnson 

Save the date: the  next Cape Cod Science Cafe in celebration of Quarter 2 of IYC is scheduled for Friday April 29, 2011 at the Hyannis Golf Club: 6:30pm-9pm. The topic is: Alternative Energy & Sustainability and speakers include: Dr. Daniel Nocera of MIT and Dr. Walter Johnson of Suffolk University. Stay tuned for additional  program and registration information. 

Dan Nocera moderated the IYC Kick-Off Event in Philadelphia. Click here for details. 

At a weekend training at The American Chemical Society in Washington D.C. when I announced that Dan Nocera is speaking at my IYC Q2 Energy event, one of my committee members remarked: Dan Nocera is definitely worth traveling for . So Bill Suits we'll be expecting you to celebrate IYC Q2 on Cape Cod with us.



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