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Automatic Gas Chromatographs

Model 301-C
Automatic Gas Chromatographs

Guest Blog Post By Dr. John N. Driscoll
The HNU Model 301-C Gas Chromatographs (GCs) is a microprocessor-based instrument designedfor the automatic chromatographic separation, identification, and quantitation of chemical, components in gas or liquid samples.Hundreds of different applications can be done with HNU's wide range of detectors to choose from, special columns and gas or liquid injection systems. A variety of data outputs are available for interfacing with customer's PC's, process control computers, etc. PID Analyzers will provide turnkey installations for our equipment. The Model301-C Automatic GCs provide the ability to generate laboratory quality results in a reliable field on-line instrument.
INTRODUCTION The microprocessor-based Model 301-C is a completely automated, computer-based Gas Chromatographs (GC's) designed for unattended, continuous monitoring of a wide variety of chemicals in ambient, in-plant and on-line app…

@pidgirl's Sunday at #ACSPhilly

Will you be at #ACSPhilly on Sunday August 19, 2012? Stop in at 8am for a full day of entrepreneurial programming brought to you by the Small Chemical Businesses Division of the American Chemical Society. Commencing four days of technical programming with flagship SCHB programming: True Stories of  Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs and concluding with Terahertz Spectroscopy moves from the laboratory to the commercial sector, this technical program promises to offer something for each entrepreneurial spirited individual in attendance. 
I'll be greeting at the Sunday SCHB program-you'll find me outside the door at the Grand Ballroom Salon I & II, Philadelphia Courtyard Downtown Hotel, 21 N.Juniper St. I won't be telling my true story this time around. I got to take the podium at the Spring National Meeting and my recorded presentation is available here
Just after a combined true stories and best practices panel is the Marketing & Technical Sales for startups and gr…

Local connectivity: the power of Twitter

Last Wednesday, after working in the morning at the office, I picked my daughters up at camp and decided to go to the beach for a quick social with the other moms and a cool down swim as temporary relief from the multiple days of mid-July mugginess.  As we were de-sanding and packing the beach accessories in the car, I checked my email, Twitter and Facebook notifications again before driving home where I would resume working. 
I was mentioned in my friend, Lisa a.k.a. @sierratierra's tweet about the coastal storm warnings on Cape Cod. I met Lisa in Boston earlier this year at her How Pinterest Can Be Your Business’ Secret Social Media Weapon 
RT : Rut roh RT : Watch out coastal New England this afternoon ESP marine interests  Collapse
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