Learning how to *rock* my business on Pinterest

I had the good fortune earlier this month to attend a seminar called: How Pinterest Can Be Your Business’ Secret Social Media Weapon (Morning Program) led by Lisa Kalner Williams, the founder of Sierra Tierra Marketing, an agency that provides social analysis, strategy, and instruction to corporations and individuals. 

I made sure to leave enough time to get "over the bridge" from Cape Cod to Boston with the lane reduction on either side during commuter time. I made it over the bridge and got stuck around Weymouth where traffic hangs up as the road goes from two lanes to three lanes-that's right, the road expands and cars just stop. But I digress...
Here's the serendipitous part: how I found out about this seminar is exactly why social sharing is so powerful. I received an email from a colleague of mine who forwarded me the *Events your friends are attending and picks just for you* email-wondering if we knew about and or were going to a STEM event at Wheelock College. I then signed up for the STEM-ED event as well as joined the waitlist for the Pinterest event. I didn't have to wait long; within a few hours I was notified that I could claim my spot since there had been a cancellation. 


Events for You, From Us

April showers bring May flowers, and more events. Our robots picked out a bouquet, just for you.

In this issue: Events your friends are attending and Picks just for you

There were thirteen of us participating in this seminar held at WorkBar on Atlantic Avenue in Boston.  Located in the basement of the building pictured on the left is a community workspace which business professionals rent out for this type of event. The WorkBar work space is so ultra modern and hip that if I didn't know better I would have thought I'd stepped through a portal to Cambridge. 
Lisa Kalner began the discussion  by having each of us introduce ourselves and include how we currently use Pinterest and what we hoped to learn at this seminar.
I introduced myself and said I had opened a Pinterest account a couple months ago but only had one board and one pin. I came to the seminar to learn the value of Pinterest with the ultimate goal of utilizing it as a business tool to drive traffic to my blog. I did a couple of live tweets from the event:

 at a  seminar: learning *how my business can rock Pinterest*

Savvy  biz practice: celebrate lifestyle of fans and engage by increased brand awareness-driving traffic to web/blog

I really needed the *pinspiration* that Lisa offered in this seminar. It is always really neat to hear how other folks are using social media and to take away the little nuggets of awesomeness that I can apply to my social media repertoire. I have been busy building up my Pinterest boards and have only shared a couple times. I will soon be sending out *this week on Pinterest* tweets and Facebook updates... Out of my now 17 boards the most popular are: Social Media, Industrial Hygiene, Gas Chromatography and Yoga
*Happy Pinning* as they say on Pinterest


  1. Jennifer,

    It was great to have you at my "How Pinterest Can Be Your Business’ Secret Social Media Weapon" seminar. It warmed my heart to see more people in the life & physical sciences on Pinterest!

    Keep up the experimenting with Pinterest. I look forward to following more and more of your pins.



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