How Small Businesses Increase Sales & Grow Using Social Media

@pidgirl's #ACSPhilly symposium on social media


 SCHBJoseph Sabol Sunday, August 19, 2012 

Oral Session
How Small Businesses Increase Sales and Grow Using Social Media - PM Session
Organizers:Jennifer Maclachlan @pidgirl


Jennifer Maclachlan


3:30 pm - 5:10 pm






Pres Time

Pub #

Presentation Title


3:30 pm

Introductory Remarks: Jennifer Maclachlan


3:35 pm


Legal considerations and potential traps for small

 businesses using social media

Sandra Thompson


4:05 pm


Be visible, be insightful, be successful: Join the social 

media revolution for small businesses

Megan Norton


4:35 pm


Social media is used by many people: Research

 shows  that most of your customers are people

Ken L Grant


5:05 pm

Concluding Remarks: Jennifer Maclachlan


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