New directions in analytical separations at #ACSPhilly

 ANYL  at #ACSPhilly     Thursday August 23, 2012 PM Session

Oral Session                       

New Directions in Analytical Separations - PM Session


Cynthia Larive


Hong Zhang


1:00 pm - 4:50 pm



Pres TimePub #Presentation Title
1:00 pm276Headspace-no drop microextraction for capillary electrophoresis

Hyeryeo Lee, Jihye Kim, Doo Soo Chung.

1:20 pm277Fast, direct, and acetonitrile-free enantioseparation of chiral benzyl alcohols under reversed-phase mode
Ruoqiu Wu, John R. Sowa.

1:40 pm278Characterizing a nanocage drug delivery vesicle using multidetector hydrodynamic chromatography
Andre M. Striegel, Amandaa K. Brewer.

2:00 pm279New insight into colloid-solvent interactions analyzed by thermal field-flow fractionationKyriakos A. Eslahian, Michael Maskos.

2:20 pm280Thermodynamics of molecular recognition in fluorous media using isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC)Hong Zhang, Yiseul Allison Cho, Stephen G. Weber.

2:40 pmIntermission

2:50 pm281Quantitative chain scission analysis of polymers via absolute molecular weight distributionsJohn W Lyons, Yongfu Li, Dean Lee.

3:10 pm282Monitoring and identification of hazardous air pollutants by fast capillary gas chromatography with PID/FID detection
J. N. Driscoll, Jennifer L. Maclachlan, Stan Stearns.

3:30 pm283Fast analysis of syngas using a micro-machined gas chromatograph system with a thermal conductivity detectorDebbie Hutt

3:50 pm284Development of instrumentation for real-time monitoring of greenhouse gasesSmruti Ragunath, Chutarat Saridara, Chaudhery Hussain Mustansar, Somenath Mitra.

4:10 pm285Analysis of pesticides by GC-triple quad made easyMatthew Lambing

4:30 pm286Fast determination of total petroleum hydrocarbons in soils using solid phase microextraction and GC-MSBulat Kenessov, Mereke Alimzhanova, Mikhail Nauryzbaev, Jacek Koziel.


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