Linked-In and Facebook for business: Learn how to leverage these powerful social tools

(11) Connecting Chemistry to Society:

56 - Linked-In® and Facebook® for business: Learn how to leverage these powerful social tools

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Jennifer Maclachlan,
1 PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, Massachusetts, United States
Abstract Body:So you've got a Linked-In® account and have been named an administrator to a Facebook® for business page. Now what? This presentation will teach you how to get the most out of these powerful social networking tools. Learn how to use your Linked-In® account by choosing who to connect with, when to endorse, how to get introduced, how to tag contacts, the advantage of in-mail™ and inspiration for what to post as a status update. For a Facebook® for business page, learn how to craft a status, when to boost a post (for how much, how long and to what audience), when to share and how much to share (it's not Twitter, the tolerance threshold to share too frequently is low), why you should use photos in your posts, how to setup general guidelines for posting when there are multiple account administrators and Facebook® content sharing best practices for scientists. Bring your devices and questions and be ready to leverage these awesome social networking tools for your business, university, scientific society or community organization.


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