STEM Women in Innovation and Investing at #ACSINDY

STEM Women in Innovation and Investing

Featured symposium at the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society: STEM Women in Innovation and Investing. This half day session located at the JW Marriott in Ballroom 7 is timed between the Women Chemists Committee luncheon and the Women Chemists Committee WCC Just Cocktails reception. This program is on the SCHB grid and is co-sponsored by BMGT, WCC and PROF. These are high-powered women speakers. Make sure to stick around for some equally high-powered networking at the end of the symposium as it transitions to cocktail hour.

L to R: Janet Bryant, Judy Giordan, Kathyrn Uhrich, Nicola Pohl, Suzette Dutch, Linda O'Keefe and Mary Phillips. Photo by J.L.Maclachlan
NEW! Here are my live tweets from this symposium:
  1. STEM Women in innovation & investing today at 2pm JW Marriott.
  2. My in Innovation & Investing is at the JW Marriott at 2:30 with Janet Bryant &
  1. Janet Bryant is giving her opening remarks at JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 7
  2. is kicking off now at at the JW Marriott. Come join us. Sucessful .
    1. : Stand up and be counted as an innovator. Learn the vocabulary: the business of science.

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    1. : make the difference. JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 7 now.

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    1. The enthusiastic is now really getting things going with some audience polling
    1. Ulrich: Advice for : Ask for help. Be bold. Be intrepid. Be inspired.

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    1. Ulrich: Think carefully about the role you want to play in

    1. Ulrich is speaking about transitioning academic invention to innovation now JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 7

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    1. Ulrich: Innovation an invention that has been implemented.
  1. Pohl: It's important that you want to invest in your company, otherwise others may not want to invest in it.
  2. Pohl: If you have the skills for being a scientist, you have the skills to be an .
  3. Pohl: Licensing the technology vs starting a business. These are very different things.
    1. Pohl: Challenges of starting AND growing a company

  1. Phillips: Challenges & opportunities in tech transfer: How are faring?
  2. O'Keefe: The right bring not only the money, but experience, judgement and relationships
  3. O'Keefe: Knowing your commercial opportunity: WHO is needed for the plan to ?
  4. Dutch: performance of firms improves as the ratio of investment in women led businesses increases
    1. Dutch: Speaking about the dimensions of social capital: structural, relational, cognitive.
  1. Phillips: The language of speaking in commercial terms: Once you have the vocabulary then comes the meaningful questions.
  2. Phillips: Who cares? Determining this helps select the partner(s) to take you from to .
    1. Phillips: Presenting at an ACS meeting changed my life.
Jennifer Maclachlan ‏@pidgirl10 Sep
Now that each of the participants has completed their talks, the panel discussion is beginning at led by
Mid-career hope you can join the networking after JW ballroom 7
This is the program information which includes additional information about each of the speakers.

Stay tuned to read more about this outstanding group of STEM Women in Innovation and Investing #STEM_WII in the Women Chemists Committee #WCC Spring 2014 Newsletter.


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