Photoionization Detectors for Field Use

PID Analyzers, LLC located in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod is the manufacturer of the original HNU PIDs. Our HNU lamps are what make us special. Our lamps are the longest lasting in the industry coupled with superior electronics and simple calibration the HNU Model DL102+ is a must have for your job! 

How do you get a new HNU for a low cost?

 By Trading in an OLD PID. Any brand PID will do.
Our PID 100 series are highly customizable

The Model DL102+ is a considerably upgraded replacement for our Model PI101, HW101, DL101, 101N, & IS101; It has enhanced features such as a library of over 300 compounds that makes the analyzer direct read in the *Respond As* mode, faster response time, extended range, elimination of any moisture sensitivity, capability of having up to 4 sensors plus a ppb range, and improvements such as a pump &  datalogging.
The Model DL102+ Snap-On PID™ Photoionization Analyzer is a single piece, hand-held unit for the measurement of organic and inorganic species that can be ionized by the UV lamp (9.5, 10.6 &  11.7).Price includes the choice of one (1) Snap-On Module (9.5, 10.6, 11.7 eV lamp), Operator's Manual (on CDROM), Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, RS232 cable, download software and spare o-ring kit.

Contact us today to request a quote or to inquire about distributing the Model 100 series product line.


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