Benefits of a Division of Small Chemical Businesses membership

Presentated at #ACSINDY 
SCHB Poster Session - AM Session
Location: Indiana Convention Center Room:143
Monday September 9, 2013 8:30am-9:30am and later that evening at SCIMIX 8pm-10pm Halls F and G
Title: Benefits of a Division of Small Chemical Businesses membership
L to R: Mukund Chorghade, Jennifer Maclachlan, Joe Sabol and George Ruger at #ACSPhilly
Abstract Body: The ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses Division (SCHB) has provided valuable member benefits and informative programming, featuring small businesses and with resources for small businesses, at ACS national and regional meetings, since 1977. SCHB member benefits include free membership for the first year, listing in the SCHB website members' directory of products and services, deeply discounted ACS national meeting expo booth space the Small Chemical Business Row, scholarship to the ACS Leadership Courses, the opportunity to shape and direct SCHB, and, the best of all: amazing networking opportunities in-person at ACS meetings and via SCHB's social media platforms (ACS Network, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.) Patron [corporate] membership is also available.


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