My Best in Blog: @pidgirl's #acsdenver participation

242nd ACS National Meeting, Denver, CO

C&EN Technical Program Summary

Monday early evening 8/29/11 before SCI-MIX: Calling all ACS Twitter peeps using and/or following the #acsdenver conversation on Twitter


Meet me at LODO's Downtown at 5:30pm-7pm.

 An official IYC event

RSVP using the Schmap  Please RT and spread the word.

Who to follow on Twitter for #acsdenver tweets: follow this list and please let me know who needs to be added.

After the Tweetup, take the 6 minute walk to SCI-MIX at the Colorado Convention Center.

Monday evening 8/29/11 8:00pm–10:00 p.m.
Sci Mix
Colorado Convention Center Hall D
"Sci-Mix is the largest poster session of the national meeting. Successful student chapters will showcase their activities and the event will also feature divisional posters and other exhibits" Source

I'll be at SCI-MIX at my  SCHB: Division of Small Chemical Businesses  poster #SCHB015:
Document ID: 18472
Program Area: SCHB: Division of Small Chemical Businesses
Symposium Title: (SCHB015) Sci-Mix 

 My colleague will be at my ENVR : Division of Environmental Chemistry poster #ENVR023: Chemistry outreach on Cape Cod during the International Year of Chemistry
Program Area: ENVR: Division of Environmental Chemistry
Symposium Title: (ENVR023) Sci-Mix

Tuesday morning 8/30/11  and Wednesday morning 8/31/11 9am-12pm-See me on the EXPO Floor-Stop by the SCHB booth #1730-I'll be there from 10am-1pm. Come and learn about the SCHB: whose objective is to aid in the formation, development, and growth of small chemical businesses.
Here is the SCHB Fall newsletter including Denver program overview and specific SCHB symposia. 

Tuesday afternoon 8/30/11 Presidential Symposia & awards:  Communicating Chemistry to the Public symposium moderated by ACS President-Elect Bassam Shakhashiri (co-sponsored by ACS President Nancy B. Jackson and the ACS Committee on Public Relations and Communications) on Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Colorado Convention Center, Room 108. Speakers include journalists from print, web, radio and television; a chemist-cookbook author; science toys expert; and the author of the 2012 National Science Board’s Science Indicators public opinion chapter.RSVP using the Schmap.

and James T. Grady-James H. Stack Awards Reception/SE-21/$10 4:30 to 6 PM, Colorado Convention Center RM 605

Tuesday evening 8/30/11. The fun begins at 8pm.

Posters, ChemLuminary Awards and Dancing Chemists...come and celebrate the International Year of Chemistry at the Fall National Meeting. 8pm Sheraton Denver Downtown. 
An official IYC event.
RSVP using the Schmap

NESACS Celebrates #IYC2011 at the Q2 Cape Cod Science Cafe
Wednesday evening 8/31/11 ENVR: Division of Environmental Chemistry General Poster Session #ENVR008p: Chemistry outreach on Cape Cod during the International Year of Chemistry 
Document ID: 10095
Program Area: ENVR: Division of Environmental Chemistry
Symposium Title: (ENVR008p) General Posters

Looking forward to seeing you in Denver!


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