Novel Solutions to Water Pollution at #acsdenver ACS ENVR Div Chemistry

Heading to #acsdenver? Check out one of the highlights of the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry program: Symposium featuring Novel Solutions to Water Pollution organized by my friend, S. Ahuja

Novel Solutions to Water Pollution
242nd ACS National Meeting and Exposition
Denver, CO
August 28-September 1, 2011

Clean water is becoming an ever-decreasing commodity across the developed and developing world. Considering that an estimated 1.2 billion people in the world use contaminated water for drinking, finding methods to prevent contamination and treat water through economic and sustainable means becomes an imperative. In the past, it was believed that known technology would be able to support the growing water needs of Earth’s residents without impairing the quality of the existing water resources. However, it became evident that this perception was false and that novel research, development and implementation of new technological solutions would be needed to reduce and mitigate the existing water pollution. Green chemistry offers scientifically sound and cost-effective solutions that could minimize release of contaminants into the hydrosphere, but also provide water pollution control and monitoring technologies applicable to point of release or point-of-use systems. This session focuses on topics related to novel green chemistry solutions applicable to monitoring, characterizing, reducing and treating a plethora of anthropogenic and naturally occurring water pollutants. Studies related to, but not limited to, the following topics can be presented:
• Monitoring potential water contaminants
• Degradation studies of various pollutants
• Green chemistry alternatives for disinfection of water
• Elimination of contaminants

Symposium Organizers:
Satinder (Sut) Ahuja
Ahuja Consulting

Kiril Hristovski
Environmental Technology
College of Technology and Innovation
Arizona State University

Nora Savage
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


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 ENVR Dionysios Dionysiou  Wednesday, August 31, 2011 

Novel Solutions to Water Pollution - PM Session
Organizers: Satinder Ahuja, Kirill Hristovski, Nora Savage
Presiders: Satinder Ahuja
Duration: 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
 Pres TimePub #Presentation Title
 1:30 pm
Introductory Remarks
 1:35 pm285Green chemistry solutions to water contamination
Satinder Ahuja PhD
 1:55 pm286Natural treatment of groundwater in Southern California
Assistant Professor Monica Palomo PhD, Professor and chair Alok Bhandari PhD
 2:15 pm287Comparative removal in wetland microcosms of trace organics and engineered nanomaterials from simulated wastewater
Ms. Fariya Sharif, Prof. Paul Westerhoff PhD, PE
 2:35 pm288Polycation-tethered micelles as immobilized detergents
Paul L Dubin, Ebru Kizilay
 2:55 pm289Full scale hybrid sequencing batch/membrane bioreactor for distributed water reclamation and reuse of domestic wastewater
Jochen Henkel, Dave Vuono, Assistant Professor Tzahi Cath, Associate Professor Jörg Drewes
 3:15 pm
 3:30 pm290Removing chemical contaminants from water: Kinetics of AOP radical reactions
Professor Stephen P Mezyk
 3:50 pm291Advanced oxidation using radiolysis to understand the remediation of organic contaminant mixtures in secondary treated wastewater
Julie Peller PhD, Stephen Mezyk PhD
 4:10 pm292Long-term trace organic pollutant biodegradation and adsorption in drinking water biological activated carbon filters
Research Assistant Thomas L Zearley, Professor R Scott Summers
 4:30 pm293Multiple contaminant removal using Fe-impregnated granular activated carbons
Paul Sylvester PhD, Kiril Hristovski PhD, Jerome Bozon
 4:50 pm294Ferrate: Green chemistry disinfectant and oxidant in water treatment
Professor Virender K Sharma
 5:10 pm295Perchlorate-selective resins from hyperbranched macromolecules
Dennis P Chen, C.J. Yu, Yanjian Wan, Jinn Chang, Mamadou S Diallo

 ENVR Dionysios Dionysiou  Wednesday, August 31, 2011 

Novel Solutions to Water Pollution - EVE Session
Organizers: Satinder Ahuja, Kirill Hristovski, Nora Savage
Duration: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
 Pub #Presentation Title
 395Investigation of adsorption of Nonylphenol on carbon nanotube
Professor Ching Yuan PhD, Graduate Student Yung-Dun Dai, Assistant Professor Chung-Hsuang Hung PhD
 396Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution by using calcium carbonate
Prof. Dr. Mualla Oner, Dr. Ozlem Dogan, Serhan Galip
 397Fate of hexavalent chromium in the aqueous environment: The role of fulvic acid and iron
Dr. Tsanangurayi Tongesayi PhD, Aracelis Lantigua
 398Novel method for the treatment of arsenic in drinking water
Dr. Tsanangurayi Tongesayi PhD, Clara Abbey, Muhammad Ali
 399Oxidation of azo-dyes in wastewaters by electro-generated Fenton's reagent
Prof. Dr Mohamed M Ghoneim Ph D, Prof. Dr Hanaa S El-Desoky Ph D
 400Efficient denitrification and mechanism study in an electrochemical-activated biofilm reactor
Qian Xu, Yanqing Cong, Xiao yan Feng, Hua jun Feng, Dong sheng Shen
 401Fabrication of composite Fe2O3 nanotube arrays for contaminants degradation and hydrogen generation under visible light irradiation
Zhe Li, Yanqing Cong, Qi Wang, Qian Xu
 402Low-temperature synthesis of water-dispersible anatase TiO2 with high photoactivity
Jieying Jing, Jianyu Liang, Vicki L. Colvin, Wenying Li, William W. Yu
 403Application of nanoscale zerovalent iron to decentralized drinking water systems
Chunjian Shi, Daniel E Pomeroy, Pei C Chiu
 404Arsenic occurrence in fluvial sediments: Challenges for planning sustainable water infrastructure in the Lluta river basin
Paulina L Ríos BS, Paula A Guerra, Carlos A Bonilla PhD, Cristian R Escauriaza PhD, Gonzalo E Pizarro PhD, Pablo A Pasten PhD

 ENVR Dionysios Dionysiou  Thursday, September 01, 2011 

Novel Solutions to Water Pollution - AM Session
Novel Materials
Organizers: Satinder Ahuja, Kirill Hristovski, Nora Savage
Presiders: Kirill Hristovski
Duration: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
 Pres TimePub #Presentation Title
 8:00 am
Introductory Remarks
 8:05 am450Evaluation of MnO2 bed filter for the removal of pharmaceutical compounds
Mélissa Huguet, Hana Mestankova, Kristin Schirmer, Marie Deborde, Urs Von Gunten, Hervé Gallard
 8:25 am451In situ dechlorination in soil using stabilized zerovalent iron nanoparticles: Effectiveness and limitations
Ms. Man Zhang, Dr. Dongye Zhao
 8:45 am452In situ immobilization of mercury in soil using stabilized iron sulfide nanoparticles
Ms. Yanyan Gong, Dr. Yuanyuan Liu, Dr. Zhong Xiong, Dr. Dawn Kaback, Dr. Dongye Zhao
 9:05 am453Arsenic detoxification for sustainable water treatment by biomimetic and bioinspired catalysts with vitamin B12
Koichiro Nakamura
 9:25 am454Functionalized nanoparticles as removable membrane coatings
Megan A Smith, David A Ladner PhD
 9:45 am
 9:55 am455Mitigating membrane fouling using reactive electrochemical membranes
Dr. Brian P. Chaplin, Dr. Orchideh Azizi, Lauren Glose, Ke-Han FanChiang, Dr. Metin Duran
 10:15 am456Titanium dioxide based hybrid ion exchange media for simultaneous removal of arsenic and nitrate
Asst. Professor Kiril D. Hristovski Ph.D., Jennifer Elton, Professor Paul K. Westerhoff Ph.D.
 10:35 am457Selective removal of phosphorus combined with its recovery as a solid-phase fertilizer
Professor Sukalyan Sengupta PhD, Arka Pandit
 10:55 am458WITHDRAWN
 11:15 am459Cyclic electrowinning/precipitation (CEP) system for the removal of mixtures of heavy metals from aqueous solutions
Pengpeng Grimshaw PhD, Prof. Joseph M. Calo PhD, PE, Prof. George Hradil PhD
 11:35 am460Novel tailored activated carbon for hampering surface oligomerization of organic compounds
PhD Graduate Student Liang Yan MS, Professor George Sorial PhD
 11:55 am
Concluding Remarks

Novel Solutions to Water Pollution at #acsdenver


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