PID Analyzers is now Headquartered on Cape Cod

Barnstable residents, John Driscoll and Jennifer Maclachlan, a dynamic father-daughter team who own and operate PID Analyzers, LLC are in the process of moving their family business, PID Analyzers, LLC to the other side of the Sagamore Bridge this Friday October 22, 2010 to 2 Washington Circle, Unit 4, Sandwich, MA. A secondary operation of PID Analyzers will be opening in Quincy, MA at the end of the month to retain their key employees involved in the specialty glass and sensor manufacturing portion of the business . 

John Driscoll started the business as HNU Systems, Inc. in 1973 in Newton, MA as an incredibly talented chemist and innovator credited with commercializing the technique of photoionization and in 1976 utilizing his research and expanding the photoionization detector (PID) product development and applying it to gas chromatography-it was found that the PID when used with a gas chromatograph (GC) is 50 more sensitive than the accepted technology available in the 1970's: the flame ionization detector (FID).  PID Analyzers still uses HNU for their web address since HNU stands for the energy of the photon think Physics where: h is Plank's constant yielding the Greek symbol "nu" which initiates the photoionization process. 

The PID is written into many Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) methods for soil, drinking water and worker health and safety. PID Analyzers are sold worldwide including the rapidly growing Chinese market where worker health and safety has become a major concern. 


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