Celebrating a man, Edwin Land and his legacy, instant photography: Massachusetts' first National Historic Chemical Landmark

Massachusetts' first National Historic Chemical Landmark dedication for Edwin Land and Instant Photography took place on August 13, 2015 at the MIT Museum in Cambridge for permanent installtion at the former Polaroid Laboratory, also in Cambridge, MA. This was a public event with opening remarks by both the Vice Mayor of Cambridge and the President of the ACS, Diane Grob Schmidt with many ACS members and Cambridge residents in attendance (150 total in attendance) including the majority of the ACS Board of Directors. A second event occurred the following day which was a private event for Polaroid retirees with 80 people attending. Two days later, the third event, an afternoon symposium at the ACS National Meeting for ACS members/attendees featuring former Polaroid employees sharing how their experience working at Polaroid contributed to their successful careers in the chemical enterprise. There were 65 people in attendance at this Sunday afternoon session. The forth event was a featured poster at SCI MIX on the Division of History program track illustrating the step-by-step process it took for our group to designate a National Historic Chemical Landmark and the amount of cooperation with various partners and coordination that it took to orchestrate this spectacular celebration of a man, Edwin Land and his legacy, instant photography at these four related events. We spoke to about 50 people at SCI MIX. The Northeastern Local Section formed a NHCL subcommittee (10 person subcommittee) partnered with the ACS Office of Public Affairs ACS Landmarks (1 person), the Cambridge Historical Commission (2 persons), MIT (3 persons-MIT owns the building that used to host the Land Lab), MIT Museum (5 persons-MIT Museum has a Polaroid exhibit and many associated artifacts), Polaroid Retirees Association (4 persons), and the ACS Division of the History of Chemistry (1 person).
 First National Historic Chemical Landmark in Massachusetts

Here's Jack Driscoll's write-up of the various related events in celebration of a man, Edwin Land and his legacy, Instant Photography here

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