SCHB offers networking opportunities and benefits for small chemical businesses

Presented at the Fall ACS National Meeting in San Francisco 2014
Title: SCHB offers networking opportunities and benefits for small chemical businesses

SCHB at SCI-MIX Monday August 11, 2014 8pm
With SCHB PR Chair, Jennifer Maclachlan

Abstract Body: In our thirty-fourth year, our mission remains the same: to aid in the formation, development and growth of small chemical businesses. We do this by continuously providing relevant programming and social events at ACS national and regional meetings for attendees who currently own and operate their own small chemical businesses as well as for those who are considering it. In 2012, SCHB began entrepreneurial programming with the Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPACS), Northeastern (NESACS), and Georgia Local Sections. In 2013, with the assistance of an ACS IPG, SCHB arranged programming at other scientific society meetings, including AAAS, APS, and CLEO. In 2014, in collaboration with PROF, we hosted networking lunches for our speakers, member, and other interested persons. In 2015, SCHB will sponsor several symposia at Pacifichem. At this 2014 San Francisco meeting, SCHB invites you to attend our technical sessions, meet old friends and new connections at our reception, visit our expo booth and "discuss businesses," and join us for lunch. After the meeting, stay in touch with SCHB member via Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and on the ACS Network.


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