Benefits of Undergraduate Internships

Benefits of Undergraduate Internships - PM Session 
Wednesday March 19, 2014
Conference hashtag: #ACSDallas Session hashtag: #BUI
Organizers:Jennifer Maclachlan, Mukund Chorghade
Presiders:Mukund Chorghade
Duration:1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Pres TimePub #Presentation Title
1:30 pmIntroductory Remarks
1:35 pm24Progressive research internships: Entrepreneurial
foundations for a career in academic medicine

Rajeev S. Chorghade
1:55 pm25Opportunities for participation of small business in
STEM education

Sharon VercellottiJohn Vercellotti.
2:15 pm26Student internships at Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory

Janet L. BryantMarisela Linares-Mendoza.
2:35 pm27Student internships at Oak Ridge National

Arlene GarrisonDavid Evasius.
2:55 pmPanel Discussion
3:55 pmConcluding Remarks
L to R: Jennifer Maclachlan, Mukund Chroghade and Rajeev Chorghade


  1. Rajeev is an impressive undergraduate. His talk was amazing and inspiring!


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