ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses SCHB is your connection to entrepreneurial resources

Mukund Chorghade,
Jennifer Maclachlan pr@acs-schb.orgStan Seelig
Sharon VercellottiDavid Deutsch, Patrick KearneyJoseph Sabol, Anis Rahman
Keisha Hylton-Rodic, Carlyn Burton, George Ruger
ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses, Natick, MA 01760-4205, United States

The ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses SCHB provides entrepreneurial programming and
resources at ACS national and regional meetings. SCHB reaches out to its members who currently
own and operate businesses in the chemical and related sectors, as well as to others who are 
considering their own startup. In 2012, SCHB partnered with ACS local sections to bring 
entrepreneurial programming to local section meetings. At the ACS 246th national meeting in 
Indianapolis, September 2013, two ChemLuminary Awards were bestowed on SCHB for 
outstanding collaboration between a Division and Local Section. 
Also, at the Indianapolis meeting, SCHB hosted networking lunches for its members and the 
meeting speakers (see links below for the ACS Dallas luncheons*). SCHB actively participates in the
Chemical Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
Council (CIEC), which fosters cooperative efforts between other ACS Divisions whose charters
include entrepreneurship and business-related missions. Coupled with programming and events at 
the national, regional and local level, and a strong social media presence on Linked-In, Facebook,
Twitter, Google+, and the ACS Network, as well as a monthly member eblast, SCHB keeps its 
members abreast of entrepreneurial resources, networking opportunities, and opportunities to 
advance in the market. 

To be presented at the following times/places during the 
ACS Spring National Meeting 2014
Sunday, March 16, 2014 01:00 PM
SCHB Poster Session (01:00 PM - 01:30 PM)
Location: Sheraton Dallas
Room: Lone Star Blrm C4

Monday, March 17, 2014 08:00 PM
Sci-Mix (08:00 PM - 10:00 PM)
Location: Dallas Convention Center
Room: Hall F
*RSVP for the joint networking lunches at #ACSDallas with SCHB & PROF members, speakers and guests. Monday Lunch RSVP link is here. Tuesday Lunch RSVP link is here.


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