Monday, October 10, 2011

#SERMACS2011: Using Social Media in the Teaching of Chemistry at WCC

I met my fellow Social Media in Science Symposium presenter, Ashton T. Griffin,  last week. Where would Social Media in Science Symposium presenters meet before the symposium? 

On Twitter of course. 
He responded to my Tweet:

Ashton T. Griffin

I will see you there. I am also presenting.

And then:

Ashton T. Griffin

Do you know about any of the other presenters at the social media in science session?
Here is where the conversation begins with the Q & A:

Ashton T. Griffin
I will be talking about my use of social media to teach chemistry at WCC. , Twitter, Google +, Texting, WebAssign etc.
7 Oct via web

in reply to ↑

Jennifer Maclachlan

Can you email me your abstract and time you are speaking so I can add it to my blog and schmap?
7 Oct via web

Ashton T. Griffin

DM me an email address and I will send it.

Here is @Chem_Coach's Social Media in Science Symposium abstract. I'm really looking forward to this talk.

45 - Using social media in the teaching of chemistry at Wayne Community College
Authors:  Ashton T. Griffin,
Presentation Time: 2:45 PM
Location: Omni Richmond Hotel
Room: Roanoke

Project Abstract:  Using Social Media in the Teaching of Chemistry at Wayne Community College by 
Ashton T. Griffin

Wednesday October 26, 2011 Richmond, VA #SERMACS2011 Presentation Start Time: 3:05 pm to Presentation End Time: 3:25 pm

Today's students arrive in our chemistry classrooms with their smart
phones, their laptops, tablets or net books.  Ear buds are often
attached to iPods or some other MP3-playing device that we have to ask
them to remove when they enter our classrooms.  Social media sites like
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube often compete for their attention.  As
chemistry faculty, we are asked to maintain faculty Webpages and often
utilize course management systems like Blackboard or Moodle in our

Chemistry faculty often has been slow to adopt and utilize social media
like Twitter and Facebook in their teaching.  But those of us who have
embraced new social media trends have found that it allows us to better
connect with our students and provides our students with a vast array of
ways to learn more about chemistry and its place in our society.

Over the last three years, I have utilized technology and social media
to improve my teaching of chemistry at the community college level.  I
can do the same thing for you.  Join me in this presentation as I share
some of the tips that worked best for me in this new social media-driven

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