Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cape Cod Science Cafe An Official IYC Kick-Off Event Q1: Environment

The Cape Cod Science Cafe finally took place on Tuesday March 1, 2011 at the Hyannis Golf Club after being postponed twice due to weather. This event was sponsored by NESACS and served as the official Cape Cod IYC Kick-Off Event. Although the turnout was lower than expected and due presumably to the two date changes, we had a wholly technical audience and it was spread across the board including representation from industry, government and education. We began the evening with an array of hors d'oeuvres which accompanied cocktail hour and allowed folks to mingle. 
I opened the program with Dr. Morton Hoffman's presentation: Introduction to the International Year of Chemistry Presentation by Dr. Morton Hoffman, Councilor, NESACS and IYC Chair and my father, Jack acted as AV guy.

Since I had just returned from a weekend retreat at ACS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. I had my speakers don the Chemistry Ambassador sashes and gave each speaker an IYC pin.
Left to Right CC Sci Cafe Q1 Speakers: Gongmin Lei, Susan Rask and Krista Longnecker, PhD


Although the presentations were geared for a general audience, the advantage we had was that each speaker is an expert in their field and were able to answer the technical and often complex questions that sparked really interesting discussions. Such as the issue here on Cape Cod with NSTAR spraying a defoliant in lieu of cutting down brush around power lines. This is a hot topic here that is just starting to get media and general public attention. We had two Members of the Barnstable Town Council attend the Cape Cod Science Cafe and they actively participated in the discussion as well as the President of Cape Cod Community College, other local area high school chemistry teachers and local fellow NESACS members. The room was a- buzz from this social gathering of the Cape Cod science types and the enthusiasm for our Cape Cod Science Cafe in celebration of each quarter of IYC is welcomed here on Cape Cod. 

Click here for Presentation Excerpt.

Next scheduled event in celebration of Q2 of IYC is: Friday April 29, 2011 at The Hyannis Golf Club 6:30pm-9pm Featuring the topic: Alternative Energy & Sustainability. Click here for more info or to reserve your spot today.

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