The PID Mini and Maxi Series Sneak Peek at OHS Virtual Event

Come to the OHS Virtual Event this Wednesday April 7, 2010, for a Sneak Peek at the NEW Mini/Maxi Analyzer Series that PID Analyzers will officially introduce at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition in Denver, CO May 22-27, 2010 Booth# 536.

The 102 Mini PID Features: 1 second response time, ppm readings from 0.1 to 3,000 and extreme affordability.

The 102+ Maxi PID Features: 1 second response time, ppm readings from 1-100,000 or 0.1-3,000 and choice of ppb option, datalogging, library of response factors, headspace method, includes selective VOC detection and a choice of up to 3 additional sensors : IR, Thermal Conductivity Detector, Combustible Gas Sensor and/or choose from 30 specific electrochemical sensors. This 5-Channel Analyzer is the most versatile and highly customized instrument available.


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