Monday, January 22, 2018

Learn how SCHB assists innovators and entrepreneurs in the chemistry enterprise

ABSTRACT SYMPOSIUM NAME: Entrepreneurs' Poster Session
CONTROL ID: 2861977
PRESENTATION TYPE: Poster Only : Consider for Sci-Mix
TITLE: Learn how SCHB assists innovators and entrepreneurs in the chemistry enterprise
AUTHORS (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME): Peter C. Lauro1Mukund Chorghade1Abhishek Kantak1David J. Deutsch1Joseph E. Sabol1Jennifer L. Maclachlan1Carlyn A. Burton1Erika L. Oltermann1Janet L. Bryant1,Thomas Siepmann1George W. Ruger1Pete J. Bonk1Rajeev Chorghade1Niteen A. Vaidya1Anis Rahman1
INSTITUTIONS (ALL): 1. SCHB, Boston, MA, United States. 
The ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB) has objectives “To aid in the formation, development, and growth of small chemical businesses.” SCHB helps chemists working in small enterprises, including self-employed, with the legal, social, educational, legislative, regulatory, and economic aspects of their professional status. SCHB serves as a clearinghouse of information, a forum for discussion, and a liaison between chemical businesses and students. Through programming and networking events, including symposia coffee breaks, speaker and member lunches, and a robust division social/reception, SCHB makes it easy for members to connect with other business-minded chemists. SCHB technical programming featuresEntrepreneurs Tool-Kit, which consists of resources, best practices, and true stories of startups and entrepreneurs. SCHB programmed at four ACS Regional Meetings in 2016, organizing business and entrepreneurial sessions that ultimately earned the 2017 ChemLuminary Member Engagement Award. SCHB programmed at four Regional Meetings in 2017, too! At the recent Washington DC meeting, SCHB symposia were designed around the meeting theme Chemistry and the Global Economy and explored intellectual property, healthcare, cannabis, social media, and public policy. SCHB actively seeks the opportunity to collaborate with other ACS divisions and committees to organize thematic and business-focused symposia. Through these programs, dedicated small business Expo rows, newsletter and eblasts, and 24x365 social media, SCHB remains at the forefront of innovation for the chemical community.

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