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7 years and counting: How the Cape Cod Science Cafe has evolved into a sustainable outreach mechanism for NESACS

Accepted for presentation in Science Cafes and Engaging the Public: Techniques for Hosting  Successful Events: An ACS Presidential Symposium at #ACSNOLA 2018

We'll chat about science cafes and drink cafe au lait and eat beignets!
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Presentation title:
7 years and counting: How the Cape Cod Science Cafe has evolved into a sustainable outreach mechanism for NESACS and Southeastern Massachusetts
By: Jennifer Maclachlan
What began as a modest science cafe mini grant during the International Year of Chemistry in 2011 for one event, morphed into a series of events that included a hands-on event for kids. The kids event garnered the attention of the Southeastern Massachusetts STEM Network, local science clubs and Boy Scouts which led to various long-term partnerships with these organizations. By 2013, we started hosting a Cape Cod Science Cafe for kids during the Cape and Islands Boy Scouts of America's Wicked Cool Autumn Welcome. 2018 will mark our 6th consecutive year taking over the mess hall for this event. Scouts and their families expect and look forward to this National Chemistry Week celebration on Cape Cod. Around the same time, because of the interest level of NESACS members in attending our 'adult' Cape Cod Science Cafe events, the special committee of the Southeastern Massachusetts (SEMASS) area was established to organize and execute technical meetings for NESACS members geographically located south of Boston. In 2014, STEM Journey was created as a K-12 and general public free half day educational event for SEMASS complete with a theme and keynote speaker. The Cape Cod Science Cafe organizes the hands-on exhibits and demonstrations for this event. The Cape Cod Science Cafe is a joint outreach effort by NESACS and PID Analyzers, LLC and maintains a Facebook page and blog site. STEM Journey is an annual joint outreach effort by NESACS, PID Analyzers, LLC, the Cape and Islands Boy Scouts Council of America and Sandwich STEM Academy and utilizes a Facebook page, local TV, radio and news outlets to promote this event. Using the Cape Cod Science Cafe model, this presentation will illustrate how to create a sustainable science cafe and other spin off events for your local ACS section.

Learn more about the Cape Cod Science Cafe and STEM Journey V on the web at:

Cape Cod Science Cafe blog

Cape Cod Science Cafe Facebook Page

STEM Journey Facebook Page

NESACS home page

NESACS Facebook Page

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