SCHB helps you connect with entrepreneurs in the chemistry community

ABSTRACT SYMPOSIUM NAME: Chemical Entrepreneurs' Impact on the Global Economy
CONTROL ID: 2736841
FEATURED AT SCIMIX at #ACSdc Monday August 21, 2017 8pm-10pm
TITLE: SCHB helps you connect with entrepreneurs in the chemistry community
AUTHORS (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME): Anis Rahman1Peter C. Lauro1David J. Deutsch1Abhishek Kantak1Joseph E. Sabol1Jennifer L. Maclachlan1Erika L. Oltermann1Mukund Chorghade1Carlyn A. Burton1Thomas Siepmann1Niteen A. Vaidya1George W. Ruger1
INSTITUTIONS (ALL): 1. SCHB, Harrisburg, PA, United States. 
The Division of Small Chemical Businesses SCHB of the American Chemical Society is the home for entrepreneurs in the ACS. When you join SCHB, you become part of a vast network of entrepreneurs - from a myriad of disciplines and all career stages. SCHB organizes informative and interesting programs at ACS National, Regional, and Local Section Meetings and also partners with other divisions for programming and social events, to enable networking and business collaboration. SCHB members may organize a symposium, join a SCHB committee, rent a low-cost Expo both, become a Patron Member to support SCHB activities, engage in SCHB social media to “discuss business” at any time, and serve in a leadership role to shape the direction of SCHB. Whether you are a member of other ACS technical divisions, if you are an entrepreneur or support start-up, small, and growing chemical businesses, we invite you to join SCHB.


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